La Senza and My Favorite Bras!

Hello kittens!

So I thought it was about time I blogged about my absolute favourite bra of ALL TIME!

Growing up I have constantly been bullied and teased about the size of my breasts, or should I say the lack of size.. this of course is upsetting to any young girl just trying to fit in. For years I struggled with feeling incomplete, and it may sound silly to feel that way about a part of your body but it was how I felt.
Now I don't feel that way, because I discovered La Senza's Hello Sugar bra's!

The Hello Sugar bra's are a double push up bra, 4 times the push up of a normal bra, and they have saved my confidence!

I am addicted to these bras and I don't own any other ones now! I recently bought two, which I think totals my collection to around ten or so now, that's a lot of bras and they're not exactly the cheapest, but I buy them during their sales when they're around half price for $25!

My recent additions to the family!

These bra's are a life saver if you ask my opinion! Seriously, go to your local La Senza and try one on, they feel awesome (If you don't mind padding that is)!
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