Introducing Black Milk Clothing: Christmas 2013!


Hey guys!  I would like to introduce Black Milk Clothing's Christmas 2013 Collection!

I am a HUGE fan of Black Milk Clothing and I own a few pairs of their leggings and I love a few things in this collection so I thought I would share which I love and what I think about it with you!

Now first of all I feel like they shouldn't have called it Christmas 2013 because there's really only about five items that are really Christmas related, and those would be the Christmas Tree Reversible Skater DressGinger Bread HWMF LeggingsGinger Bread Reversible Skater DressMinty Fresh Polar Bear DressSnow Flake Leggings

The rest is basically black and some burned velvet, although the velvet wood chucks could be considered Christmas too I guess, just not a Christmas pattern!


Anyways, they've basically just released this and I seen that they made the Christmas Tree Reversible Skater Dress and I am literally trying to convince myself NOT to purchase it because I can't really afford it but every since they released the Christmas Tree Leggings last year around Christmas I have been in LOVE with them since and every time I think about them I get really sad because they were perfect!

I am still on the hunt for these leggings everyday, and I will be until I get them! I did manage to snag my other favourite pair which was the Blood Splatter Leggings on their Museum release/ 500k Noms! 

Anyways, but I am very impressed with them as usual! Do I decide to spend $85.00 on a beautiful nylon dress?! We will see! ;) And if I do I'll be letting you guys know!

Tell me what you think about the new Black Milk Clothing Christmas 2013 collection!

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  1. Hi! Good Christmas collection of these clothes! they are beautiful!