I'm upset!


Hey guys, so I'm laying here in bed and I've realized how pointless my mornings are without being able to put on makeup!

WHAT YOU CAN'T PUT ON MAKEUP YOU SAY?! WHY! Well, for some reason my eyes are acting terrible to light and they water constantly all day, like tears, so that puts a damper on wearing makeup if you ask me! But don't worry, I am going to the eye doctors soon and hopefully we can get this figured out because it's making me quite sad!

So I decided I'll just write a blog about it because what else is there to do!
So yeah, laying here doing nothing except playing Facebook games, which is fun don't get me wrong, but it's only so long until you've run out of lives!

I have some things to do but I can't do them until I go out and buy supplies which can't happen until my mother is up because I can't drive yet! Whoops! That's probably a good thing considering if I could go to the stores at any time that might be even more than online shopping for my wallet!

I'm getting stressed out though, because my eyes are hurting, it's nearing the end of the school semester and I have projects to finish, one which is due tomorrow and I am not done it yet!
Which just reminds me, and you may be interested! I am doing my design history fair on Cosmetics through the ages! (1700-2000) so I actually have makeup I need to put on mannequin heads so I should go do that because apparently I keep forgetting, but I will show you all it tomorrow! I am also going to try to do my makeup fancy as well!

Okay, that's all for now folks!

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