Halloween Sales!


Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging much, I've been busy and stressed with school! But today I finally got to go shopping and bought a bunch of Halloween deals!

First up, we have Bath and Body Works! Three 3 wick candles, a mini candle, and two bottles of shimmer cream! All for $23! I used a a $10 off of $30 and everything below was already $50!

All this Hello Kitty stuff was at Target for around $1.00 an item at their front part just as you walk in the store! If you didn't know I am a HUGE Hello Kitty fan and I couldn't pass up a deal like this!
Two toques, four gel pens, five pairs of socks (Which are actually size 7-9 in childrens and fit me perfectly!), and a note pad!

Then in the Halloween section everything was 75% off! So I picked up a cute box, two packages of bat lights, a cute pink pumpkin container, a spider web mat, a "The witch is in" mat, two costumes for my kitty and a harness, and spider web leggings!

And this was a cute coaster my mom picked up (There were others but this was the best), Reminds me of PLL.

I just wanted to share this with you guys, because this is like Christmas for me! I was supposed to go out on November 1st but that didn't end up happening! I do have another goodie to share with you later though!


  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing:)


  2. ksfjaksfhjk hello kitty :D && amazing hello kitty stuff!!