Blog Update! I've got a few ideas!


Hey guys, so I decided to start something called "The 12 days of Christmas"! My hope is to give you lovely people ideas for Christmas, either for yourselves or loved ones! I will be searching the internet for special, interesting, and cool gift ideas! This will go from November 18th to the 29th, which gives you time to order it! I at first thought it would make more sense to have it in December but then I remembered shipping does take awhile so giving you a month at the last item would make more sense!

I am going to write myself a schedule so that I can have more interesting blogs and more for you to read! If you have any ideas for me or any comments please feel free to comment below! I write this blog for you so please give me your ideas!

If there are daily/weekly/monthly things you'd like to see, tell me that too!

I'm also going to be posting more videos on Youtube, I just need to learn how to work iMovie.. since I just bought my Mac I don't know how to use it! I have a video filmed just have to edit it!

I just wanted to let you guys know what would be going on!

Thanks for reading!

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