Anyone looking for a black lipstick?! MAC Hautecore!


Hey guys, so if you're like me and always looking for that purrfect black lipstick, it may be here!

MAC is releasing their "First ever true matte black" and it's called Hautecore! They're releasing it on November 29th which is BLACK FRIDAY!
(Which appears to be in a collection called Punk Couture possibly?!)

Personally, I love black lipstick but I always find it hard to find a good one since the majority only come out around Halloween and they're more "stage" makeup! Although Lime Crime does have one that I heard is very good!

Although the black does look a bit purple in this picture above (Credit to it was posted when they were samples so it may be different now! (Although swatched it too and it was similar!) But who knows! I may just have to purchase it!

I have a hard time finding things on the MAC website though, it's set up oddly and it makes it difficult for me! I also don't really have the money.. but I'm sure I can squeeze some out for it perhaps! I'll have to sleep on it and decide! Because I mean, where would I wear it.. but on the other hand WHERE WOULD I NOT WEAR IT! 

Write it on your calendars, kittens! It's going to be an awesome Black Friday sale!

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