Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret


Hey kittens!
This amazing curling wand is something I've wanted to talk about for awhile now. It's the Infiniti Pro Curl Secret!

I've known about this for awhile, my friend once told me about them before they became popular, but now you're really seeing them out there and it's exciting for me!

I've always wanted to curl my hair, but unfortunately due to my arthritis it's not exactly something that is a possibility for me since I don't have very good wrist movement! I feel like this is something that could finally allow me to have a chance at curling my hair!

I may just have to purchase this! You can buy it at Walmart for around $100 I believe, I'm not sure if there are other brands yet though who have made a similar thing!

Would you try this out?

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 12!

Hey guys, so day 12 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The twelfth gift idea I have for you is Lime Crime!

What you get:
  • A gorgeous selection of many different colours of lipsticks, Velvetines, and carousel gloss!

Why I think this is a good gift:

If you like wearing lipstick you HAVE to try these! They're stunning and they go on flawlessly. I own a few myself and I am just waiting until I can afford all of them! Seriously, check them out!

Where can you purchase this:

You can purchase this from HERE!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 11!


Hey guys, so day 11 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The eleventh gift idea I have for you is Deck The Halls by Sephora!


What you get:
  • Kabuki
  • Headbands
  • Bobbies
  • Ribbon Ties
  • False Lashes
(You only get one, whichever you choose to buy not all)

Why I think this is a good gift:
These are absolutely adorable, you can hang them on your tree and I know that personally I would be super excited if I saw them on there! It would be fun to try to find them all as well! It's something you can actually use in the end and it'll be exciting!

Where can you purchase this:

You can purchase this from HERE!

Sephora + Pantone Colour IQ


Hey kittens! So I was reading some magazines and I saw an ad for this cool machine that can match your skin to a foundation colour and recommend which to buy in that colour, only at Sephora!

I think this is awesome because you can go to a Sephora and get your skin matched to the perfect foundation shade and choose from all the different brands!

I would really like to go do this if I am in Calgary again anytime soon because that would be amazing to be perfectly matched, I always struggle with that.

If you didn't know Pantone is a company who has made colours match with a certain number and that SHOULD work internationally. So if you go to one printer and say you need a certain Pantone colour it will be the same all across the world! This is exciting for me since I just recently learned about this in my Print Production class at College!

Would you be interested in getting this done?

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 10!

Hey guys, so day 10 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The tenth gift idea I have for you is Too Faced's All I Want For Christmas Face Collection!

What you get:
  • Trio Compact Net Weight: 0.28 Oz
  • Shadow Insurance Net Weight: 0.35 oz.
  • La Crème in Believe Net Weight: 0.11 Fl. Oz.
  • Mini Lash Injection Net Weight: 0.25 Fl. Oz.
  • Mini Perfect Eyes Net Weight: 0.03 Fl. Oz.

Why I think this is a good gift:
It comes in an adorable reusable makeup bag,  and contains everything you need for your Christmas face!

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase this from HERE.

Who else loves Paypal?


Hey kittens, do you love Paypal?

I know I do! Especially when they have their 5% cash back deal! I just got an email this morning saying they're starting that up again from November 26th to December 3rd! It's like a little present from your credit cards saying "We love you, please spend more!" and so I do haha!

It excludes shipping and taxes, but hey it's better than getting nothing back! I just wish they had done it two days earlier when I bought three different purchases (Ohhh can't wait to blog about those!)

I hate the waiting period between buying it and when it ships because I constantly check my mailbox hoping it's there! But, I especially can't wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday! I've got money saved up and I am gonna shop until I DROP! Well, except I'll be in the comfort of my bed and not being attacked for the cute item I pick up first, instead I'll just make awkward noises as I try to put something in my checkout bag and it's gone when I look!

Do you take advantage of this deal, or do you hate Paypal and refuse to use it?

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 9!

Hey guys, so day 9 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The ninth gift idea I have for you is the Black Lapel Long Sleeve Ouch Cardigan Sweater!

What you get:
An absolutely cute lapel!

Why I think this is a good gift:
I am personally in love with this lapel, and if you have a girl in your life who loves fashion then this would be purrfect, it's cute, soft, and I would assume pretty warm!

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase this from HERE!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 8!


Hey guys, so day 8 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The eighth gift idea I have for you is Paul & Joe Sugar & Spice Make Up Collection!

What you get:
  • For eyes and cheek
  • Comes in a zipped printed make up bag
  • Eye Color Duo:
  • Powder eye shadow in 2 tonal shades
  • Eye Gloss:
  • Silky eye color
  • Blusher Stick:
  • Cut-out cat design
  • Glides on to give a rich creamy powder finish
  • Highlights and sculpts the cheeks
  • Enriched with moisturising orange flower water and jojoba oil

Why I think this is a good gift:
The blusher stick has a cat face on it, Enough said! But in all seriousness, it's absolutely adorable and there's cats on it everywhere! Although it's a bit of a steep price for three cosmetic items and a bag, but it is adorable and if you know someone who loves cats it's purrrrfect!

Where can you purchase this:

You can purchase this from HERE!

La Senza and My Favorite Bras!

Hello kittens!

So I thought it was about time I blogged about my absolute favourite bra of ALL TIME!

Growing up I have constantly been bullied and teased about the size of my breasts, or should I say the lack of size.. this of course is upsetting to any young girl just trying to fit in. For years I struggled with feeling incomplete, and it may sound silly to feel that way about a part of your body but it was how I felt.
Now I don't feel that way, because I discovered La Senza's Hello Sugar bra's!

The Hello Sugar bra's are a double push up bra, 4 times the push up of a normal bra, and they have saved my confidence!

I am addicted to these bras and I don't own any other ones now! I recently bought two, which I think totals my collection to around ten or so now, that's a lot of bras and they're not exactly the cheapest, but I buy them during their sales when they're around half price for $25!

My recent additions to the family!

These bra's are a life saver if you ask my opinion! Seriously, go to your local La Senza and try one on, they feel awesome (If you don't mind padding that is)!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 7!


Hey guys, so day 7 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The seventh gift idea I have for you is Makeup storage containers!


What you get:
There is a bunch of makeup storage containers for WAY cheaper than you can usually find!

Why I think this is a good gift:
If a person you know has a lot of cosmetics they need some storage for it! The clear containers work wonderfully because you can see what's in them without having to open them! 

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase this from HERE!

Champagne by Nailtini!

Hello kittens! So in my Ipsy bag from this month I received a beautiful nail polish from Nailtini, and I didn't get to swatch it yet so here it is!

Champagne by Nailtini

It's a beautiful pinky champagne colour, it's shimmery and purrfect for the holidays or a pretty pink touch to your nails! Excuse my short nails, they break so easily I just can't keep them long!

Okay, well I just wanted to share this beautiful colour with you because I just did it so I thought i'd show you when it was fresh and beautiful!

Thanks for reading!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 6!


Hey guys, so day 6 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The sixth gift idea I have for you is Too Faced's Jingle All The Way!


What you get:
You get a phone case as well as some very pretty eyeshadows and blush!

Why I think this is a good gift:
It would be an adorable stocking stuffer, but it only works if you have the iPhone 5! It's an adorable idea and you get a phone case and a variety of eyeshadows!

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase the blue phone case from HERE and the pink one from HERE!

Naked3: A dozen new ways to get NAKED!

Hey kittens, so earlier this week Urban Decay released a new Naked palette, NAKED3!

This palette consists of twelve colours with rose tones! And hey, maybe if you can't afford something in rose gold, you can purchase this palette instead and feel just as good about it!

Naked3 is already sold out, but you can sign up HERE for an alert of when it will be back in stock, and when you get that email you better be quick because I have suspicions they'll sell out fast again especially because it's the holiday season, and even more of a reason because who doesn't like to get Naked.

“We’ve spent a LOT of time getting Naked the past few years. We’ve done bronzy and taupey neutrals, but we realized there was a whole spectrum of gorgeous, flushed pinks we hadn’t explored yet. Rose- based hues look great on every skin tone. With 12 new shades, it’s hard to choose favorites, but we predict that Buzz (the pinkest of all the shades) will be a fan favorite. We’re also partial to Nooner (a stunning pinky-brown matte) and Dust (a pale metallic pink shimmer with amazing iridescent glitter), which can be worn on the lids or used as a highlighter. And for an edgy, smoky liner, there’s the aptly named Blackheart — a super dimensional black matte flecked with red glitter.”– Urban Decay

Which of you purchased this already or are waiting? And if you have what is your opinion! 

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 5!


Hey guys, so day 5 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The fifth gift idea I have for you is Sugar Pill Cosmetics!

What you get:
A wide variety of excellent, high quality, very pigmented eyeshadows! As well as a variety of eyelashes!

Why I think this is a good gift:
If the person you're gifting loves eyeshadows, they will LOVE Sugarpill Cosmetics! They're extremely pigmented, you hardly need to use any! I own some and I will buy from them again! I am currently waiting for them to sell their Pro Palettes!

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase this from HERE!
Hey guys, so if you're like me and always looking for that purrfect black lipstick, it may be here!

MAC is releasing their "First ever true matte black" and it's called Hautecore! They're releasing it on November 29th which is BLACK FRIDAY!
(Which appears to be in a collection called Punk Couture possibly?!)

Personally, I love black lipstick but I always find it hard to find a good one since the majority only come out around Halloween and they're more "stage" makeup! Although Lime Crime does have one that I heard is very good!

Although the black does look a bit purple in this picture above (Credit to it was posted when they were samples so it may be different now! (Although swatched it too and it was similar!) But who knows! I may just have to purchase it!

I have a hard time finding things on the MAC website though, it's set up oddly and it makes it difficult for me! I also don't really have the money.. but I'm sure I can squeeze some out for it perhaps! I'll have to sleep on it and decide! Because I mean, where would I wear it.. but on the other hand WHERE WOULD I NOT WEAR IT! 

Write it on your calendars, kittens! It's going to be an awesome Black Friday sale!

I'm upset!


Hey guys, so I'm laying here in bed and I've realized how pointless my mornings are without being able to put on makeup!

WHAT YOU CAN'T PUT ON MAKEUP YOU SAY?! WHY! Well, for some reason my eyes are acting terrible to light and they water constantly all day, like tears, so that puts a damper on wearing makeup if you ask me! But don't worry, I am going to the eye doctors soon and hopefully we can get this figured out because it's making me quite sad!

So I decided I'll just write a blog about it because what else is there to do!
So yeah, laying here doing nothing except playing Facebook games, which is fun don't get me wrong, but it's only so long until you've run out of lives!

I have some things to do but I can't do them until I go out and buy supplies which can't happen until my mother is up because I can't drive yet! Whoops! That's probably a good thing considering if I could go to the stores at any time that might be even more than online shopping for my wallet!

I'm getting stressed out though, because my eyes are hurting, it's nearing the end of the school semester and I have projects to finish, one which is due tomorrow and I am not done it yet!
Which just reminds me, and you may be interested! I am doing my design history fair on Cosmetics through the ages! (1700-2000) so I actually have makeup I need to put on mannequin heads so I should go do that because apparently I keep forgetting, but I will show you all it tomorrow! I am also going to try to do my makeup fancy as well!

Okay, that's all for now folks!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 4!

Hey guys, so day 4 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The fourth gift idea I have for you is the Tiffany & Co Infinity Collection!


What you get:
A beautiful, classy piece of jewellery, depending on your budget!

Why I think this is a good gift:
There are a lot of different pieces in this collection and a range of prices! The infinity sign has been popular for a long time, but it also has the meaning of forever! There are many pieces in rose gold, silver, and gold!

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase this from HERE!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 3!


Hey guys, so day 3 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The third gift idea I have for you is Black Milk Clothing!

What you get:
A wide variety of amazing leggings! The quality is unlike any other and they have many awesome designs! It's a bit on the expensive side but an addiction you can't stop!

Why I think this is a good gift:
I own about 5-6 pieces of Black Milk and I hate wearing any other leggings, the quality is amazing and you won't regret buying them! They have designs to fit any personality and style!

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase this from HERE!

.. And a giveaway winner has been picked!

Congratulations to the winner Courtney B Villari! Her prize will be sent out as soon as she replies!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

With a whopping 876+ entries I would say it did pretty well, especially considering it was the first giveaway! Make sure to check back for more giveaways in the future!

I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you guys did too! I also hope that you'll all keep reading and participating on this blog and I would like to thank you for your support!

I'll end it here, I hope you all have a good day!

I've finally made a Facebook page!


I finally decided to make my own Facebook page for this blog in hopes to connect with my readers more! You can find my page HERE!

I would really appreciate if you could like it and share it with your friends! I'll be using it a lot, so keep updated!


Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 2!

Hey guys, so day 2 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The second gift idea I have for you is House of Lashes!

What you get:
You can choose from a wide variety of high quality lashes depending on what you're looking for! They also have adorable eyelash cases and eyelash glue!

Why I think this is a good gift:
The eyelashes are a very good quality, the cases are super adorable and would put a smile on anyones face! They have a bunch of different types of eyelashes from very natural to very dramatic!

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase the items from House of Lashes HERE!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 1!


Hey guys, so day 1 here of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The first gift I would like to blog about is.. *Drum roll!* Too Faced's Beauty Blogger Darlings Set OR Too Faced's Beauty Editor Darlings Set!

What you get:
- 0.14 oz Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
- 0.17 oz Primed & Poreless Face Primer- 0.17 oz Better Than Sex Mascara- 0.17 oz Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer 


Deluxe Shadow Insurance 0.17 Oz. 
Deluxe Lip Insurance 0.12 Oz. 
Deluxe LashGasm: 0.13 Fl. Oz.
Deluxe Glamour Gloss - Sex Pot: 0.1 Fl. Oz.
Deluxe Primed & Poreless 0.17 Oz.

Why I think this is a good gift:
I think this is an awesome gift because Too Faced is an awesome brand and if you or someone you know has been wanting to try it out they have an awesome selection to try from the brand! They offer both which I enjoy that they're different because if you're like me and don't use bronzer's then the Beauty Editor one is perfect, or just get both!

Where can you purchase this:
You can purchase Beauty Blogger Set on Sephora HERE or on Too Faced HERE and the Beauty Editor Set HERE

Blog Update! I've got a few ideas!


Hey guys, so I decided to start something called "The 12 days of Christmas"! My hope is to give you lovely people ideas for Christmas, either for yourselves or loved ones! I will be searching the internet for special, interesting, and cool gift ideas! This will go from November 18th to the 29th, which gives you time to order it! I at first thought it would make more sense to have it in December but then I remembered shipping does take awhile so giving you a month at the last item would make more sense!

I am going to write myself a schedule so that I can have more interesting blogs and more for you to read! If you have any ideas for me or any comments please feel free to comment below! I write this blog for you so please give me your ideas!

If there are daily/weekly/monthly things you'd like to see, tell me that too!

I'm also going to be posting more videos on Youtube, I just need to learn how to work iMovie.. since I just bought my Mac I don't know how to use it! I have a video filmed just have to edit it!

I just wanted to let you guys know what would be going on!

Thanks for reading!

Ipsy: November Glam It Up!

Hey guys, so as you may or may not know I am subscribed to Ipsy!
Ipsy is a monthly gift to yourself, it's filled with 4-5 tester or full sized items shipped to your house!

This month has been AMAZING, it definitely made up for last month, since it was my least favorite (It appears I thought it was so lame that I didn't even write a blog about it, SHAME ON ME)!

(Yes, I review all my Ipsy products! I need points for the Beauty Blender!)

So here was this months bag! (I'm also going to start tallying up the price IF the items are full size!)

Grand Total of $93.45
Not bad for paying $10.00 plus $4.00 in shipping!

This is bhCosmetics Ahprodite from their Galaxy Chick pallete! I feel like you have to build up on this a bit to make it really pop, but it's totally worth it because it's a stunning colour! I will definitely have to do a look to show you!

This lipstick is from Michelle Phan's cosmetics and it is an absolutely stunning colour. It's a beautiful bright pink, maybe even pinker than Barbie pink! I can't wait to wear it. Maybe I'll pair it with an all black outfit to really make it POP!

This is Starlooks Gem Pencil in Topaz! Although I was a bit confused at first since Topaz is my birth stone (Yay December!) and it has always been a light blue, but this pencil is a beautiful silver! Regardless of it's name it is stunning and I am actually pretty shocked at how beautiful it is!

This is Be A Bombshell's Lip Pencil in Hot Damn, and what a fitting name because HOT DAMN that is an amazing red! I own red lipsticks of course but this red has something special about it, it's amazing!

This is Nailtini's nail polish in Champagne! It really is such a nice colour, it's shimmery and the colour of champagne! This is my second Nailtini polish and they're very quality!

I am ALSO really excited when Pixi products are in my bag, this is my second one since I got a mini mascara in a bag before, this is a full sized product so I was SO excited. I always see the brand in Target and it's pretty expensive. This bronzer sells for around $30!

And last but not least! Here are the swatches! From left to right it is Aphrodite, Don't Tell Mom, Hot Damn, Topaz, and Subtly Suntouched!
(Nailtini not shown)

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below and tell me what you thought!

Introducing Black Milk Clothing: Christmas 2013!


Hey guys!  I would like to introduce Black Milk Clothing's Christmas 2013 Collection!

I am a HUGE fan of Black Milk Clothing and I own a few pairs of their leggings and I love a few things in this collection so I thought I would share which I love and what I think about it with you!

Now first of all I feel like they shouldn't have called it Christmas 2013 because there's really only about five items that are really Christmas related, and those would be the Christmas Tree Reversible Skater DressGinger Bread HWMF LeggingsGinger Bread Reversible Skater DressMinty Fresh Polar Bear DressSnow Flake Leggings

The rest is basically black and some burned velvet, although the velvet wood chucks could be considered Christmas too I guess, just not a Christmas pattern!


Anyways, they've basically just released this and I seen that they made the Christmas Tree Reversible Skater Dress and I am literally trying to convince myself NOT to purchase it because I can't really afford it but every since they released the Christmas Tree Leggings last year around Christmas I have been in LOVE with them since and every time I think about them I get really sad because they were perfect!

I am still on the hunt for these leggings everyday, and I will be until I get them! I did manage to snag my other favourite pair which was the Blood Splatter Leggings on their Museum release/ 500k Noms! 

Anyways, but I am very impressed with them as usual! Do I decide to spend $85.00 on a beautiful nylon dress?! We will see! ;) And if I do I'll be letting you guys know!

Tell me what you think about the new Black Milk Clothing Christmas 2013 collection!