Spooky Goodies!


Hey guys! I went crazy Halloween shopping the other day and I really wanted to share because Halloween is obviously my favorite holiday and I like to treat every day like Halloween!

First up, I HAD to get some candy! I couldn't resist the mini scream eggs, and I LOVE Laffy Taffy so I had to get both boxes, YUM! I keep them on my side table in a Halloween Jack-O-Latern basket! My side table is super spooky!

I picked up a makeup kit, since I'm interested in doing some makeup looks but I lack a lot of makeup so although it's cheap it should do the job!

Found this cute PJ set at Walmart! I LOVE Hello Kitty and when she comes all Spooky count me in twice as much! Although the shirt is cute enough to wear as an everyday shirt and I just might!

I picked up two Baby Lips at Target, I wanted a clear so I picked up the Quenched and the Peach Kiss was super cute and orange so who couldn't resist when they're in the Halloween spirit! I now have three Baby Lips in total!

Who couldn't resist orange Halloween oreo's! Although I was sad to read they don't taste any different on the package after I had bought them.. (still haven't tried them yet though!)

I picked up some cute tiny candel holders from Halloween City! I am going to go back and get more of the pumpkin ones because they look so cute and vintage! I bought fake little tea lights to go in them since they sit on my bedside table and I'm not into things lighting on fire!

This cute little lamp shade cover was at Walmart and wow it's cute! I'm glad they showed on the cover that you could use it for this because it's actually a big strip of the fabric and it comes with lace so you can use it for anything!

I bought a mini pumpkin mat for just inside my bedroom! It's so adorable and it was only $3 so I had to get it!

I also picked up some cute window covers! There is some on the windows on the bottom but you can't see very well!

And last but not least this cute onesie and socks are for my baby cousin! They were at Target for $1 and the onesie is from Walmart!

Had to add in this cute picture of my in my new Hello Spooky PJ's, and my cute bat TY Beanie I found at Value Village! (He's in my hand, kinda hard to see!)

This of course will not be my last Halloween haul as I plan to go out the day after Halloween and buy ALL OF THE SALE ITEMS! Trust me, it's the best time to shop for this stuff because it goes on sale for so cheap!


  1. The little socks are hilarious!! Too cute :) mm and I've been eyeing the screme eggs at the drug store. I love the play on words! :P Looks like you grabbed some good stuff.

  2. beautiful collection you looking great

  3. OMG halloween oreo is a dream! maybe a nightmare.... hihihi
    and oh your hallo kitty pajama is so sweet!!! i want it!