Hey guys! So I am super excited to write this blog, really. This blog is about a lovely shop called!

 Pink Sugar is owned by the pink queen herself, Lexi! I only recently came across Lexi on instagram when she began going through a really rough and unfortunate time in her life. Eventually I followed her on everything, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and found out she's an amazing person with an amazing personality! I then came across her shop and fell in love with it. She sells a bunch of super spooky and creepy cute things which is exactly what I love!

So onto the review!
My package took awhile to arrive but I wasn't complaining because knowin Lexi's situation I of course had patience! So my package came with a cute sticker on it!

Just a simple grey package (Flipped over so you can't find out where I live aha!)

When you open the package, there's glitter everywhere (All over my bed now YAY)! And cute purple wrapping paper!

Inside is the cute wrapping paper is a box! As well as in the package there was a cute letter and a candy! Which honestly made my night, I was feeling down and this cheered me up instantly!

It's amazing that she takes the time to personalize every package and it really feels like you're getting a sincere gift from a friend, I love it!

There was even glitter under the tap holding the box shut, how cute is that!

And TAAA DAAAAA the adorable necklace I bought! (And the candy, Yum!)

It's absolutely adorable on, I love it! I really want to buy more of her cute goodies to match and wear them with a cute black dress, wow wouldn't that be cute!

Overall I am SO pleased with this package, and the time and effort put into it. Lexi is such a sweet person, you should seriously check her out! 

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