Oh October! Where have you gone?!


Where has it gone?! It's already the 10th of October and I haven't even made one post regarding October or Halloween! What am I thinking?! (Clearly I'm not!)

I've been swamped with homework from classes which take A LOT of time and effort and I am still swamped right now but that is no reason to neglect my poor blog and you guys!

I do have a few things I could talk about but since this is a beauty blog do I want to bring personal posts into it? Well I guess I always have and a few here and there won't hurt! So except a few blogs coming up very soon and some outfit posts and makeup looks! I need to work on getting myself a tripod so I can take good pictures still.. anyways!

Also the reason I haven't posted much about Halloween related things is because I plan to do a HUGE haul the day after Halloween when everything goes on sale because that is the best day, I've even got my boyfriend to pinky swear that he will take be to all the places I want to go that do so I can do this! But I suppose I should buy a few things along the way.. perhaps I will! It also gets in the way that I don't get off classes until at the least 8:00 at night so I really don't have time to go to stores, but I will try my best lovelies! I suppose in the mean time I can just find cute things online and blog about them!
Which reminds me of another blog I have for you guys!

Okay! I will leave it at that my lovelies! Except a few spook-tastic blogs very soon!

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