LovEyelashes Haul!


Hey guys! So today's review is a website called LovEyelashes. I had found them a bit after I had already ordered a few eyelashes from The House of Lashes, but I ordered more anyways!
And here they are!

My order came in just a plain box.

It's really cute, because as soon as you open the box it says Thank You, which is super sweet!

The box is filled with a little bit of those things (I totally can't remember the name), and of course what you ordered! And I ordered a lot, 21 items actually.

Here is the majority of the eyelashes I bought, I went a little crazy but hey, they were such a good deal and I choose a few for some looks I wanted to do!

Here's the other miscellaneous stuff, plus a few more eyelashes. Notice the cute pink eyelash case? I thought only The House of Lashes had them, but nope! So I bought another!

I can't really tell you if I like any of them yet because I only got it last night and it took me two hours to sort it (How I have no clue). But I'm sure they're like any other lashes!

But I am happy with how fast it came, and the fact that the eyelashes were a very good price and if you make an account they get even cheaper! I would totally recommend this website!

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