Hell Bunny Spider Cardigan!


Hey guys! So the other day I woke up to this big package outside my door! I knew right away it was my adorable sweater!
It came in a rather big package, a little unnecessary, but it was fine!

Inside was cute wrapping paper as you can see! And sealed with a sticker from where I bought the sweater which is JBR Clothing,

Cutely wrapped with an adorable name tag.

I managed to get it in XS which was amazing because I couldn't find it anywhere else!

And this is it on! Super adorable, it's made of awesome soft and stretchy material which was really good because when I first saw the cardigan I thought it was too small but put it on anyways of course and it fit like a dream!

I paired it with my super cute bone necklace from ShopPinkSugar (See my blog about it here!)

I'm going to rock this cardigan all year round, obviously!


  1. Very cool!


  2. I love Hell Bunny :D
    && this cardigan is adorable :) xo