DIY Halloween Pumpkin Nails!


Hey guys, I just wanted to do a quick Halloween nail tutorial!
I had read awhile ago that drawing with sharpie on top of nail polish works so I of course had to try it and this was a great opportunity to do so!
So here's how you do it!

First of all start off with clean nails!

Since I want pumpkin nails I am going to paint my nails orange, obviously if you wanted something else, like say a ghost, you'd paint them white, ect.

Since pumpkin nails are not complete without pumpkin faces I drew them on with a sharpie/micron pen!
You have to be very careful after you've drawn it on because it smudges easily!
Once you've drawn them on take a clear nailpolish and paint overtop with just one stroke, anymore and it will smudge the sharpie! (You can of course use a nail art pen but if you're like me and not so good with them this is a GREAT alternative!)

And TAAADAAA You've got cute spooky nails! It's just that easy!

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