Changing lavender hair to another colour!


Hey guys, so I got bored of my lavender hair and decided I needed a change! One I have hardly done before!
And you will see if you keep reading!

Here was my lovely lavender hair, it was pretty faded at this time which is good!

I knew I was going to need a base to put ontop before I went to the colour I wanted to go, since it will act as a filler and give your hair dye something to stick to!
I choose Light Golden Brown (I didn't realise I bought it in liquid instead of creme but you use way less when you use liquid so this is the way I will buy it from now on! Easier to get coverage too because it sinks into your hair!) I only used one box on my head where I usually use three of the creme!

I put it ontop of my lavender and it turned this colour! Not exactly Light Golden Brown if you ask me.. and personally I would never buy this colour to do my hair since it does have a green tint when you mix it and as you can see it did turn my hair green! Not a bad thing though!

Kind of Light Golden Brown but more Oger Green, especially when I washed it out!

I decided I wanted to go Medium Intense Red! So it was fine that my hair had a green tint because again, if you check a colour wheel green is the opposite of red which means it will cancel it out!

And TAADAAA this is it when it was done, also my boyfriends arm aha.

(Tip: Before you want to dye your hair a colour and you're not sure how it will look take a picture of yourself on Photoshop and try it out!)

After creating this photo I knew I wanted to go red!

Be aware though, red fades really fast! You should always wash in cold water and try not to wash it as much as you normally would! Don't be alarmed because it make take a few times dyeing it to make it really stick!

Hope you enjoyed my transformation from Lavender to Red!

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