Baby Lips: Cherry Me Review!


This review is on the lovely Baby Lips, it's just a quick review but I'd love to do more in the future! I had heard a lot about them and I had wanted to get one or a few but I just hadn't for some reason. Well the other day I did and I can honestly say I love it!

I choose Cherry Me because it was the first red I saw and I love cherry things! As you can see it makes my lips look full which is something that I need because I have very small lips. It's glossy and tastes great as well as moisturizes! I'm not much of a fan of lip glosses so this is a great alternative if you want the same effect!

I will definitely be buying more Baby Lips since I really love this one and it gives my lips such a nice look, I'm in love! 

Which other Baby Lips should I try?!

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