Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils Review!


Hey guys! This review is on the Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils! I had been looking for some eyebrow stencils for awhile but never really bought any, but then when I bought my LovEyelashes Haul they had some on the site so of course I had to get them!

They come with four different stencils, Delicate, Elegant Glamorous, and Classic. The one I wanted the most was the Elegant! The stencils could maybe be a little smaller but they're not bad. I do have a small face after all!

Here you can see all the shapes individually.

On the left side is how I normally do my eyebrows, nothing special and usually boring. On the right is with the Elegant stencil! I love it, the shape is fabulous and they're so easy to use! I'm definitely using these from now on for my routine since they're such a nice and defined shape!

Super Tip: If you aren't sure if your stencil is placed right, use powder in the stencil instead and then you can see if you have it placed right without drawing it on first. The powder can easily be brushed away if you have done it wrong and it can easily be drawn over if you've done it right! (Any powder will work really).

Overall I am super impressed with the stencils and I will be using them a lot. I probably won't draw my brows on free hand just because this is so much easier and faster in the mornings!

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