Hell Bunny Spider Cardigan!


Hey guys! So the other day I woke up to this big package outside my door! I knew right away it was my adorable sweater!
It came in a rather big package, a little unnecessary, but it was fine!

Inside was cute wrapping paper as you can see! And sealed with a sticker from where I bought the sweater which is JBR Clothing,

Cutely wrapped with an adorable name tag.

I managed to get it in XS which was amazing because I couldn't find it anywhere else!

And this is it on! Super adorable, it's made of awesome soft and stretchy material which was really good because when I first saw the cardigan I thought it was too small but put it on anyways of course and it fit like a dream!

I paired it with my super cute bone necklace from ShopPinkSugar (See my blog about it here!)

I'm going to rock this cardigan all year round, obviously!

Dyeing My Hair Extensions To Match My Hair!


I just wanted to make a quick tutorial on how I dyed my hair extensions to match my new hair colour! Since my hair extensions were a little different colour than my hair when it was lavender I knew I should add a filler too even though I wouldn't be washing them much.

I went to Sally's to buy the exact same dye that I bought before but unfortunately they were out of Light Golden Brown so I bought Medium Golden Brown as a filler. I then bought Light Intense Red instead of Medium Intense Red so that when my hair faded it would match my extensions! (This was actually a bad idea because they make the Medium Intense Red very pink based and the Light Intense Red very orange based so they're two very different dyes!)

These were my extensions before, except not so dark, the lighting is a bit off here.

Once I used the Medium Golden Brown they turned this colour! A bit darker than I was expecting, but not bad!


(No Flash)

Then I dyed them the next day with the Light Intense Red hair colour and they turned out like this!

Sadly, my hair looks more maroon in the picture than it really is. I am eventually going to go back and dye my hair and the extensions a more dark brown with red/purple highlights like I had originally wanted! It looks nice though and I love the hair colour! I definitely don't regret going red!

Changing lavender hair to another colour!

Hey guys, so I got bored of my lavender hair and decided I needed a change! One I have hardly done before!
And you will see if you keep reading!

Here was my lovely lavender hair, it was pretty faded at this time which is good!

I knew I was going to need a base to put ontop before I went to the colour I wanted to go, since it will act as a filler and give your hair dye something to stick to!
I choose Light Golden Brown (I didn't realise I bought it in liquid instead of creme but you use way less when you use liquid so this is the way I will buy it from now on! Easier to get coverage too because it sinks into your hair!) I only used one box on my head where I usually use three of the creme!

I put it ontop of my lavender and it turned this colour! Not exactly Light Golden Brown if you ask me.. and personally I would never buy this colour to do my hair since it does have a green tint when you mix it and as you can see it did turn my hair green! Not a bad thing though!

Kind of Light Golden Brown but more Oger Green, especially when I washed it out!

I decided I wanted to go Medium Intense Red! So it was fine that my hair had a green tint because again, if you check a colour wheel green is the opposite of red which means it will cancel it out!

And TAADAAA this is it when it was done, also my boyfriends arm aha.

(Tip: Before you want to dye your hair a colour and you're not sure how it will look take a picture of yourself on Photoshop and try it out!)

After creating this photo I knew I wanted to go red!

Be aware though, red fades really fast! You should always wash in cold water and try not to wash it as much as you normally would! Don't be alarmed because it make take a few times dyeing it to make it really stick!

Hope you enjoyed my transformation from Lavender to Red!

How to dye your hair lavender!

Hey guys, so I had put this in my drafts and then forgotten about it, and even though I do not have lavender hair anymore I still wanted to post this!

This is how to dye your hair lavender!

My hair here is a very faded lavender, but regardless of what colour your hair is you can still do this!

I bleached out my old colour, and my bangs  had already been super white so when I removed the lavender they turned a lovely colour! I however had some problems with my bleach, I used a blue based bleach and my hair took the blue and turned green in spots, but that isn't much of a problem because if you check a colour wheel purple/lavender is basically opposite to green/yellow so it will cancel it out (In theory..)

I used three boxes of Color Brilliance Ion hair dye from Sally's in Lavender.

Grab a bowl, some gloves, and a hair dyeing brush!

And some conditioner, it doesn't matter what kind you use (I believe white is preferred although mine had a green tint to it),

Pour however many boxes of hairdye you think you'll need into the bowl, then add as much conditioner as you think you'll need! Combining the two lowers your cost on how much dye you need to buy  plus it conditions your hair while you dye it!

I left it on for probably an hour, and this is the results! (I do have hair extensions in, my hair is just past my shoulders and this made more than enough for it!)

TAAADAAA, I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to dye your hair lavender!
Hey guys! I wanted to share some of my favorite movies to watch around Halloween time and all year round! They're all my favorite and conveniently spooky too!

First all time favorite movie ever is The Nightmare Before Christmas! Who doesn't love this movie?!

I also love The Lost Boys! It's such a great vampire movie and even though it's a bit old it's still golden!

The Haunted Mansion is such a good movie, I really love it. The actors are great and even though it's maybe more of a younger movie it still gives me the chills and is really enjoyable!

Another movie I love, but forgot about was Monster House!  I was looking for movies on a website and came across it and it was fabulous to see it again!

The Addams Family Values! Not necessarily a Halloween movie but the Addams Family are hilarious and crazy!

House of 1000 Corpses! I LOVE this movie, probably my favorite of all the favorites! It's gruesome and gory and pretty awesome, depending on who's side you're on!

And last but not least, Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Do I even have to say why?!

These of course aren't all my favorite movies, but I couldn't list them all! I'm really not into horror movies, mostly gore and thrillers because I don't like to be scared aha, so these are always fun to watch and they don't leave you traumatized after!

So since Halloween is approaching (Or for the spooky people all year round!) I want to know what your favorite Halloween movies are!

Pop Art Makeup!


Hey guys! So I said I would do some Halloween makeup looks and here is one! I'd seen a lot of people doing this makeup look and since Pop Art is one of my favorite things so I did this!

I created this look using my normal foundation and primer routine, then I took my NYX Jumbo Eye Liner Pencil in Milk to create the white dots. I used Diorshow Liner in Carbon for any black lines. I used Red Velvet Velvetine from Lime Crime for my lips. And lastly I used Elemental Chaos from the Cold Chemistry Palette from Sugarpill Cosmetics! It's simple, fairly easy, and quick!

Keep a look out for more makeup look blogs!

M-A-C x Rick Baker!


Hey guys, so I've seen this around and I must say it's pretty cool! Rick Baker teamed up with M-A-C Cosmetics to create some awesome Halloween looks and product to go with it! Halloween related things always get me so excited and I LOVE when companies do something special for it like this!

The collection has 12 products in it!

  • The Monster's Bride: Pro Palette - $52
  • Spider Queen: Pro Palette - $52
  • Penultimate Eye Liner - $23
  • Chromographic Pencil - $19
  • Lipstick - $18
  • Lip Pencil - $18
  • Paintstick - $25
  • Set Powder - $35
  • Chromacake - $30
  • Acrylic Paint - $25
  • Face and Body - $42
  • Monster FX - $26
These twelve products can be used to make many amazing looks, and M-A-C has put together three for you!

And the lovely Murderotic has created her own Bride of Frankenstine MacMonsters look!

Have a Spooky Halloween everyone!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Nails!


Hey guys, I just wanted to do a quick Halloween nail tutorial!
I had read awhile ago that drawing with sharpie on top of nail polish works so I of course had to try it and this was a great opportunity to do so!
So here's how you do it!

First of all start off with clean nails!

Since I want pumpkin nails I am going to paint my nails orange, obviously if you wanted something else, like say a ghost, you'd paint them white, ect.

Since pumpkin nails are not complete without pumpkin faces I drew them on with a sharpie/micron pen!
You have to be very careful after you've drawn it on because it smudges easily!
Once you've drawn them on take a clear nailpolish and paint overtop with just one stroke, anymore and it will smudge the sharpie! (You can of course use a nail art pen but if you're like me and not so good with them this is a GREAT alternative!)

And TAAADAAA You've got cute spooky nails! It's just that easy!

So I went shopping the other day..!

Hey guys, so this post is a little late, but better late than never, right?!
Anyways, so I went to Calgary a few weekends ago just for some fun shopping and I wanted to show you guys the cute things I bought while there!

One of the first things I bought was the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette! I had went on Sephora's website like I do a lot and searched and searched for something I wanted to get and I decided on this! I am SO happy I did decide on it because it is now my go to makeup palette and I did write a blog about it HERE!

The second place we went to was Forever 21 which I really love because they always have such cute things at affordable prices usually! I bought the cute bat sweater because who could resist! I actually did buy more from Forever 21 as you can see below, but we went to two of them! At the second one I bought the three pairs of socks, all are knee highs, and thick and warm! My favorite are the ones with the kitty faces on them! I also bought a black longsleeve sweater shirt and it's so cute because it has lace on the shoulders and upper back, and then I also bought just a simple longer long sleeved black shirt because it goes perfect with all of my Black Milk leggings, and I found the cute heart shaped mirror which I had actually been looking for for forever so I was so excited to find that!

Then we went to the lovely Spirit Halloween which is a Halloween store that pops up around this time of year! I bought the cute spider web table cloth for my beside table, which will be used all year round! I then also got the cute spooky pumpkin teeth because I saw them and couldn't resist!

I absolutely love going to Calgary to shop, since where I live lacks any big stores or a big mall so the trip is totally worth it! I am in love with my new bat sweater and wear it all the time! Hopefully I'll get to make another trip up there soon!

Spooky Goodies!


Hey guys! I went crazy Halloween shopping the other day and I really wanted to share because Halloween is obviously my favorite holiday and I like to treat every day like Halloween!

First up, I HAD to get some candy! I couldn't resist the mini scream eggs, and I LOVE Laffy Taffy so I had to get both boxes, YUM! I keep them on my side table in a Halloween Jack-O-Latern basket! My side table is super spooky!

I picked up a makeup kit, since I'm interested in doing some makeup looks but I lack a lot of makeup so although it's cheap it should do the job!

Found this cute PJ set at Walmart! I LOVE Hello Kitty and when she comes all Spooky count me in twice as much! Although the shirt is cute enough to wear as an everyday shirt and I just might!

I picked up two Baby Lips at Target, I wanted a clear so I picked up the Quenched and the Peach Kiss was super cute and orange so who couldn't resist when they're in the Halloween spirit! I now have three Baby Lips in total!

Who couldn't resist orange Halloween oreo's! Although I was sad to read they don't taste any different on the package after I had bought them.. (still haven't tried them yet though!)

I picked up some cute tiny candel holders from Halloween City! I am going to go back and get more of the pumpkin ones because they look so cute and vintage! I bought fake little tea lights to go in them since they sit on my bedside table and I'm not into things lighting on fire!

This cute little lamp shade cover was at Walmart and wow it's cute! I'm glad they showed on the cover that you could use it for this because it's actually a big strip of the fabric and it comes with lace so you can use it for anything!

I bought a mini pumpkin mat for just inside my bedroom! It's so adorable and it was only $3 so I had to get it!

I also picked up some cute window covers! There is some on the windows on the bottom but you can't see very well!

And last but not least this cute onesie and socks are for my baby cousin! They were at Target for $1 and the onesie is from Walmart!

Had to add in this cute picture of my in my new Hello Spooky PJ's, and my cute bat TY Beanie I found at Value Village! (He's in my hand, kinda hard to see!)

This of course will not be my last Halloween haul as I plan to go out the day after Halloween and buy ALL OF THE SALE ITEMS! Trust me, it's the best time to shop for this stuff because it goes on sale for so cheap!