YouTube Chanel update!


Hey guys! So like I said I have made a video every day now (weeww three days so far!) But I realized I won't be able to make one on friday's and the weekends, which sucks but school and the fact I stay at my boyfriends on the weekends gets in the way! Which is okay though, because I do need time for myself!

I've posted two more videos though since I last blogged about it!

 I unfortunately had to remove the music I put on there because of copyright reasons which really sucks, but what can you do! Thankfully YouTube has a "AudioSwap" and it removes my music and replaces it with another song I chose from their selections! The only thing that sucks though is that you can only add one song so you have to find one that is long enough or else that sucks to be you! But I managed to and luckily I didn't have to reupload my videos because that would suck! And now I know that I should just use their music and that's what I'll be doing from now on!

I'm really excited about making these videos because they're making me switch up my makeup and I needed that! I've been doing the exact same stuff for years now and today I went without any eyeliner at all!

Anyways, I have to be up early for college in the morning, so this is all I will write for now!

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