What is going on with my Youtube videos! (If anyone cares haha)


Hey guys, so I did manage to get a camera, and I did manage to film a video!

However I was too excited and got ahead of myself. Because when I filmed the video I didn't check the settings, I didn't check the size of the video I was taking, and I didn't check if I had the charger!

So yeah, my makeup video turned out very orange, I am in focus but none of the items I show you are, and the fact the video quality was so large meant it killed the camera way faster and it filled my card up twice! So it will simply have to wait a bit more until I can film another one! I'm also still awkward with talking but I feel like I need to get over this, maybe!

I just wanted to let you guys know what's going on because I had initially said I would film one every day, but then I got sick and then the quality was just not up to what I wanted it to be so then I had to wait to get a better camera and now I don't even have the charger so it's just a mess! I really do apoligize! (Writing this like anyone cares I make them or not ahaha)

But I'm still going to settle for the webcam quality because it's easiest to work with and it works fine for now! I may sell my Canon 5D so that I can buy another camera with video!

Anyways, that's all I have for you right now!

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