Sick with tonsillitis!


Hey guys! So yesterday I woke up with tonsillitis which is so crazy because I never get sick and funny enough my sister had it so many times that they had to take her tonsils out. However! I am feeling much better just a day later, but I did have to miss classes which sucks but I emailed my teachers and hopefully they'll excuse my absence! The doctor wanted $40 for a note that says that I've been to the clinic like that's ridiculous! So I'm hoping they'll accept the prescription as proof!

So college has made it more difficult to write blogs because I haven't been able to write about anything and also I'm waiting for quite a few packages to arrive which if I don't have the product I can't wright a review! I believe I'm waiting for three packages?

Also last month I wasn't able to pay off as much of my credit card as I'd have liked to and that's what I use to buy things for my blog because I like to keep it to a limit, and now I'm switching credit card companies so I have to pay it off entirely before I use my new one so I won't be buying much until that's paid off and I can start my new one! I mean I could just start using it but I don't want to do that, since I'm kind of bad at managing money! 

So I just kinda wanted to write you a guys an update about what's going on and why there hasn't been many reviews!  But when my Sugarpill makeup gets here I can do more makeup videos on my Youtube account also when I get better and have some motivation, I'm also in need of getting more eyelashes since I only had three pairs. One natural pair, then a bit thicker and then dramatic! But unfortunately my favorite pair, the middle pair, ended up in my sink somehow and are ruined! So I'm hoping to get some from The House of Lashes, and I also have a pair coming from Sugarpill!

It's kind of nice having some days off, even if I am sick, because I've been watching a bunch of movies and I love movies! So far I've watched Edward Scissorhands, the newest Alice in Wonderland, Dark Shadows and now Interview With a Vampire! I wanted to watch Halloweentown and Haunted Mansion but I can't find them online anywhere, and they're not on MegaShare. Oh well! I'll keep finding movies and sleeping in between them until later tonight when I go to my painting class at 5:00 since that's not something I can do at home!

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