People who think it's okay to be rude! (RANT)


Hey guys, so the other day something happened to me that I just felt the need to blog about because I found it very inappropriate and rude. It's also something that I feel happens way more than it should, about a lot of things actually.

So the other day my boyfriend and I had to go to a wedding convention thing where they're a whole bunch of vendors and you can go look at them and check them out and we had to go there because that's what his mother does and she needed help taking down her stuff since it was over. So when we get there his mom is taking to an older man who I'm not sure who he is. They finish talking and she introduces us as "her riffraff". He then looks at me and says "What have you done to your hair?" I laugh a bit because isn't it obvious what I have done and that's just their way of acknowledging it? But he then says "Well?" like he's actually expecting an answer so I say "I dyed it aha" like obviously? So he says to my boyfriends mom "and we're trying to get rid of the grey!" And I reply "Its purple" and he says "well does it wash out?" I reply "yes" and he says "Oh good, should take a pressure washer to it". I'm just like "excuse me?!" in my head but I didn't actually say anything. He then goes to put his hand on my shoulder and say "You're a pretty girl you don't need all that. Trust what I say you'll see." 

Like excuse me, but who do you think you are? Oh yeah I forgot the "old and wise"! I was honestly so mad, and I was just standing there awkwardly! Like did you expect me to say "Oh you're so right! Let me change it right away for you! Do you prefer blonde or brunette? I forgot who I was supposed to please!" I was so appalled by him, someone I've never met before even! And I couldn't be rude because I didn't know if he was a client or someone more important and I didn't want to make a bad impression for my boyfriends mom, but that was so rude. And when he put his hand on my shoulder like are you kidding me, I felt so violated! 

Like 1. It's purple hair not grey, 2. Who do you think you are! 3. Do NOT touch me, 4. Keep your rude comments to yourself!
What does "You're a pretty girl you don't need all that" even mean? I have PURPLE hair. Nothing about my makeup was over the top at all, which wouldn't have been an excuse for him even if it was.

Nowadays colourful hair is more and more popular and it has been for years! People need to get over the fact that some people aren't happy in their natural colours. I haven't had mine since the 6th grade. I do not think my purple hair is weird, I have had unnatural colours in my hair since the 8th grade. I am COMPLETELY comfortable in my purple hair. It makes me happy. Makes ME happy! I do not look a certain way to please anyone else but myself. Not even my boyfriend. I take his opinion of course but if there is something I've wanted to do he's always supported it, always.

Like I would have loved for him to exaggerate more on his comment "You're a pretty girl you don't need all that". Do you mean I should have a natural hair, "natural" makeup and dress in colours and not have piercings? People are NOT all the same, and they shouldn't be! We all look different and we should be proud to be! We should be proud to look how we want and feel confident and not have to worry about assholes making rude comments towards us!

If anyone tells you something you don't like you should tell them! You don't have to be rude, just politely tell them sorry but I don't agree with you. No one has the power to put you down!

Okay, I'm done now. I could go on forever but I would like to put this behind me and let go of the bad feelings!

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  1. I completely agree with you!!! However sometimes I never know when to shut my mouth haha.
    That seemed really rude though! xxx