My Foundation Routine!


Hey guys, so for awhile now, about two months I've been using Kat Von D's Lock It Tattoo Foundation and I haven't been overly happy with it, because it's been a little too thick and easily cakey looking. So I just randomly decided to mix a bit in with my Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer and it has made it look so lovely and not cakey at all and goes on really flawless, my only problem is either aren't my exact shade but it's really nice and I prefer the colour they make over just using the Kat Von D foundation alone! But I also found it makes your skin look less matte which I want so you do have to add power to it!

Now I apply it with a stipple brush from E.L.F. and it works pretty well, I really like it actually. And of course primer before had. And I just take a pump or so of the foundation and about the same amount or more of the moisturizer and fix them together on my hand and then dip my brush and go at it. Combining the two makes it go on a lot smoother too which is nice and you just have to buff it in a lot more because of the moisturizer which is fine!

I've been looking at other foundation's though, just because i've grown tired of this one and I love buying new things, but I really wanted to try the Dior Flash Foundation, because it just seems really awesome and comes in a can and you can spray it right on your face, but at a price of $62 for a lot of wasted product if you apply it that way? I'm not so sure! Honestly I'll probably give in and buy it just because my wants always get the better of me, but maybe next month. I'll also be looking into other foundations as well! I just wish we had a Sephora where I live since it's my favorite place and I would always go there 3:. BUT a girl can dream!

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