My first YouTube video and makeup tutorial!


Hey guys! So I am super excited to tell you that I have filmed and edited my first ever YouTube video! You cna find it here (Pretty Pink Eyeshadow Tutorial) Or watch it below!

This is a first for me and honestly a first to really doing anything with eyeshadows, so I'm pretty impressed with myself and I loved the look. I mean it's my first video so you can't expect much but eventually they'll get better and I am aiming to film one every couple of days at least and that will force me to break away from my normal makeup routine which is just face makeup and then black winged liner and eyebrows, super boring. 

I've been pretty into it like following people who do makeup and watching YouTube videos and you know when you've wanted to do something forever and you didn't really have the know how or the makeup in this case and then you finally get it and then you just do it and you go "hey, I'm not too bad at this!" That's what happened to me!

I'm finding out that it takes a long time to edit, like this one took me approx. 3 hours which isn't too bad and I enjoyed it because the time just flew by! I have to remember to edit all the clips first before I add extras like words in because it messes it all up but I learned!

I really wish I had better quality so you can really see what I am doing but since I'm in a basement I have awkward lighting coming in and my curtains are only sheer as well as my webcam isn't quite quality but I am sure I'll learn to work around this problem.. I hope anyways because I really want better quality for you guys!

I think that's all I have to say for now! Like I said I'm going to try to film a few a week and it'll be cool to see me progress with makeup and try different things! I'd really like to try other people's looks too so that's exciting! I'll always post about the videos I make so as long as you're current on here or Bloglovin you will be kept updated! 

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