Little update! (What's going on!)


Hey guys, so I just felt like making a little post just because about some updates and such!

So tomorrow I have a afternoon class but since I can't get a ride to it really I'm going to stay home and work and the stuff I've been neglecting! So that means I'm going to bang out a bunch of blogs as well as other stuff I need to do like school work. (Skipping school to catch up on school work? weird.)

I actually have a bunch of drafts saved about things I wanted to blog about because every time I get an idea I write it there and then sometimes forget about them and yeah! But tomorrow I'm going to dedicate a bit to doing that, and a bit to doing housework and then school work, not necessarily in that order aha.

I have a bunch of art projects that need to be worked on and dishes that need to be done and blogs that need to be written!

I'm going to think of a few more too, and in a few days I'm also going to do the $20 makeup challenge! I would also like to do a giveaway soon because I think that would be really nice to do, just not sure what to give away yet! I'd have to think about it and plan it, and what would I give away? But I may do that!

Between college and then doing stuff outside of that I forget to post on my instagram a lot now which sucks because I love doing it, it's also the fact that I am still getting used to iOS 7 but I shall continue just a little less than I have been!

Also I've been following a lot more makeup and beauty blogs now so if you want to suggest any feel free to comment them or your own and I will check them out and follow them!

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