I've got my selfie game back! (I hope!)


Hey guys, so I just felt like making a blog post since I'm bored and don't have anything to do. Well actually I have a lot to do but nothing I WANT to do aha.

Anyways, so for awhile, like maybe two months now, I just haven't been feeling very me. I'm not too sure why, but that's led me to not be posting seflies much which is super sad and sucks because I loved doing that! But today I feel like I got my selfie game back. Maybe it was the extensions? Maybe it was the purple eyebrows? Either way I'm not complaining!

I'm feeling pretty fabulous again! Which is awesome aha. Except for the fact my hair always shows up blue in pictures when it's actually lavender but whatever I guess aha, all depends on the lighting and I guess the sun likes to pick up the blue undertones.

I also did my eyebrows differently, I usually just do like uh.. rainbows ahah. But nope, today they had nice shape and length and everything was on point! My goal is to do this again tomorrow.. but we'll see how that goes, thank god for the purple eyeliner so I can use it on my eyebrows!

Coloured eyebrows is something I've only experimented with before when I had my blue hair, and I thought why not! They might look cute! And yup, they do!

I hate waiting for packages! I'm currently waiting for my Ipsy bag, my new medusa jewelry from Anatometal, I got my Sugarpill package a few days ago though so that's good, and I'm still waiting on a cute necklace from ShopPinkSugar. And now I just ordered four pairs of lashes from The House of Lashes and two eyelash cases because they're super cute and will be very handy! I feel like I almost have to get another job to support my addiction! Well, it's shipping that really bumbs the price up of everything, because I live in Canada so anything I buy is $15.00 for basic two week shipping, a week if I'm lucky! But an extra $15.00 on top of the stuff I want to buy is like an extra goodie! I wish there was a cheaper way, or if you spent over a certain amount that wasn't like $100.00 that would be cool too!

Anyways, I don't think I have much to say. I finally got a camera from my boyfriend that takes video so I shall be making way better quality videos for Youtube soon! Actually perhaps tomorrow since class starts at 1:30 for me! We shall see! I just really want to sleep soon because tomorrow is Monday which means mail day! And I'll be really sad if I don't get any mail tomorrow but I should since I'm expecting so much! Oh it's gonna drive my mom crazy ahah.

Okay that's all for now, bye guys!

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