How to get colour out of your extensions! (How to fade them!)


Hey guys, so originally when I had dyed my hair purple/violet I had dyed my extensions too because obviously I wanted to still wear them! But when I reached my desired hair colour of lavender my extensions were too dark and they're already really bad quality so they couldn't take any bleach, so what could I do?
Well, I started googleing and going on Youtube, and I found this girl who showed me how!
At first I was a bit skeptical but I did try it because I didn't care much about them anyways so there was nothing to lose.

So what you do!
  1. Get a pot of water and put it on the stove
  2. Set to low heat
  3. Put your extensions in the pot
  4. Add a lot of dish soap!
TAAA DAAA, it really works. It did not change the state of my hair extensions, since all you're doing is putting them in very hot water with soap right? So there you have it, if you're wanting to change your hair extensions colour just do this and they will fade! I am not sure to what extent they will fade because I just wanted mine to go lavender and I left mine in for about 20/25 minutes. 

I was so happy to find this method, and I wish I had known this before it could have been really useful! Now only if we could do this on our own hair....

I wish I could give credit to this girl, but I was so excited to try it I didn't save her video or anything, so I apoligize for that! I mean I am sure she's not the only one who has a video on Youtube doing this but it works! So give it a try!


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