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Hey guys, so I am super excited to write this blog since I have been admiring House of Lashes for a long time now since I've seen them everywhere on Instagram mostly. I had been waiting about two weeks for them to come (average waiting for anything to Canada. Which is still killer though because who wants to wait for something so awesome!)

So I ordered four pairs and two eyelash cases.
1x Pixie Luxe for $12.00 each 
1x Hollywood Glam for $9.00 each 
1x Feline for $9.00 each 
1x Femme Fatale for $9.00 each 
1x Ribbon Eyelash Case 2pk for $10.00 each

I also used the promo code "ONEYEAR" in celebration of their birthday which got you 10% off I believe, not too positive. Saved me $9.80 which basically paid for the shipping so that was awesome.


The package came in a little box which the mail man delivered and he placed it right onto of my mail box ahah (They're so funny that way, I once ordered a skateboard deck and he stuck it right out of my mailbox!) 

Inside the little box was some wrapping paper and the eyelashes cases were wrapped separately from the eyelashes. 

So inside were the eyelashes I showed you above! And the eyelash cases below! I just loved the eyelash cases because they were so cute and I really don't like keeping the boxed and also the eyelashes are much easier to put into them and like I said they're super cute! (Although I did find them on another website for cheaper but that will come in another blog because I did a huge haul from them!)

Cute black bows ontop!

They have room for three sets of eyelashes and space for eyelash glue (Although it's not a very big space).

As you can see I did take the labels off of the back of the eyelash boxes because I still wanted to know what they were called and they really don't fit there bad and they're still sticky (even if they weren't you could stick them down with eyelash glue).

A close up view, as you can see they all fit really nicely and it's a really convenient way to store them!

Surprisingly when I get the Pixie Luxe I didn't really like them, I thought they looked crazy aha, but I did wear them today and wow they're really nice! It gives you a "natural" look that's really full but not over the top which is super lovely. Like I said in the box they look like they're really crazy but they aren't when you put them on.

I wore the Feline the first day and they're so lovely, I love how they get fulled as they go out and they're really felineish! They go great with a winged eyeliner. They're probably my favorite honestly!

The Hollywood Glam and Femme Fatal I haven't worn yet but I am a tad dissapointed and feel like I should have picked other ones since they're basically the same except one pair is a bit thicker than the other (Femme Fatal I believe). And they look a lot like my other paid I had (I say had because I threw away my two old pairs as soon as these arrived!) and so I'm not too happy with them but I haven't worn them yet but I'll give them a try.

Wow really clear picture, good one!

These are my two old pairs, I didn't realize how bad they were until I saw my new ones! Just pitiful if you ask me aha! Very happy to have thrown those away, even though my friend had gotten me the eylure ones from England but oh well!

So yeah since I haven't worn all the pairs yet I can't tell you my exact thoughts but they're all super soft, they're very good quality and I would definitely recommend them!

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  1. They look nice! I've heard great things about their eyelashes!