Geolenses (Geo Magic Colour)


Hey guys, so I just realized I didn't ever make a blog about my new contacts I purchased from GeoColouredLenses! Which is really funny because it must have just slipped my mind completely even though I wear them every day!

Anyways! So I bought four pairs because I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for so I went to their Combos section and looked around there. Although it was really hard not to buy the Geo Princess Mimi Combo because my name is Mimi and I am a princess, I went with the Geo Magic Colour Combo because they seemed to have a lot more to choose from and I wanted different colours than what the Princess Mimi was offering. I was really happy to find a lot of contacts in the same strength as my eyes since mine are both a -7.00, super blind!

I ended up choosing four of the Angel Colours just because they seemed to be brighter and I have dark brown eyes so I wanted them to show up obviously. I choose the purple (CM-831), the blue (CM-832), the green (CM-833) and the grey (CM-835).

Now sad to say only some show up! The purple shows up fairly well, but not over the top crazy purple. The blue doesn't show up at all, but you still get the circle lens effect so it's not that bad. The green also shows very little but more than the blue I believe. The grey works probably the best out of all of them and gives a nice neutral grey eye which I love and they have become my favorite, as well as the purple.

Wearing the grey lenses.

Now the great thing I find about these lenses is that they are only a 14.2mm which is only .2mm more than normal contact lenses but everyone thinks I'm wearing at least 16mm, so I think that's a plus! They're also very comfortable and easy to put in. Although keep in mind I have been wearing contact lenses everyday for about four years, but I still think they would be easy for anyone to put in, it just takes a little practice!

So far I give them a 4/5! I really like their brand, they gave me cute purple and pink contact lens cases just like I asked so that was really awesome of them, the strength is exactly mine so awesome, and they came in a good amount of time, probably the normal two weeks I usually wait for packages!
I will definitely be buying more of them because I would love to find other ones that have brighter colours that won't be defused by my brown eyes!

I found these contacts because I was looking for some for awhile and I knew a bunch of websites but I wasn't sure how much I could trust them. But then one of my favorite bloggers Rose Shock wears them all the time so I felt confident that they were good. You can also find coupons online for them by just searching "Geo Coloured Lenses Coupons" and something will come up, every little bit counts, right!

"These are GEO COLOR 9 AQUA BLUE AN-A49 lenses from"
I think these might be next to purchase because they're super bright and beautiful! Maybe the rest of that line is that bright and I can find some cute purple ones!

Also I'd like to add these contacts last a year, but they told me to only wear them until they're uncomfortable don't wait the full year if that happens sooner! But that's a long time anyways so I'm super pleased with these, minus some of the colours but not a big deal!

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