Eyeshadows, Eyeshadows, Eyeshadows!


Hey guys, so it's 1:40 in the morning and I can't sleep, so what else is there to do except online shop!
So I have been shopping for eyeshadows and I can't decide what to buy! I LOVE Sugarpill but there are so many which do I buy? I really can'y afford it right now but the eyeshadows I have right now aren't good at all and they don't even stay on even with a primer or base underneath, I just need to get some good eyeshadows!

Do I buy pressed?! Do I buy loose?! I just can't decide! I really don't mind either, but I think I'll go with the pressed even though there are SO many cute colours in the loose eyeshadows and they have cute colours paired up for the trio's! I would love Paperdoll so much but that will come another time!

Paperdoll is so dreamy!
The Cold Chemistry palette is probably what I'm going to go with because it has a colour almost like Paperdoll, it has a black, white and a lovely turquoise colour which I love!

I always see everyone raving about how Tako and Bulletproof are the most perfect white and perfect black so I really want those too! And Mochi is AMAZING I think I love that colour the most of the pressed!


Now let me tell you! Shrinkle (Amy) is the cutest girl ever, she's so sweet and I follow her on instagram and she wears the brightest best clothes ever and I just adore her, she's so sweet to everyone and bless her soul for making this cosmetic brand!

I want all of the eyelashes so badly since I am obsessed with them so I'll get probably at least one pair of those, since I do love having doll eyes! Since so many are sold out that I want I'm going to go with Porcelain since they're super cute and totally have that doll look to them!

(I also added a cute Sugarpill sticker!)

Ugh I really would LOVE to buy more but I just simply can't right now, but at least this will be a start which I really need! I will definitely be buying from her again!

I hate shipping to Canada because it's always an extra $15+ and that's like a whole other eyeshadow! So upsetting! But what can you do, nothing I guess ugh!

SO! 1. Cold Chemistry Pallette, 2. Porcelain False Lashes, 3. Sugarpill Sticker! $60 almost! But worth every penny!

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