Hey guys, so this last week has been really busy for me! I just started my second year of college for Vis Comm and just getting everything sorted, all my supplies together and then on top of that actually starting projects already and I have finally gotten my room together (more or less my closet is still a mess woops)!

Like I said I am going to make a video every day except fridays and the weekends, but I'm rethinking that because I do film me doing whichever makeup I choose to do for that day, if it's not good enough and I don't like it by the end of the day when I go to edit it, I'm not going to post it. Mostly because I don't want to post bad videos on my YouTube because then it'll just be clogged up with them and it'll be hard to actually find the good ones! I also really need to figure out how to get the best lighting so that you can actually see the colours and makeup, all I have to work with for video is my webcam and that really sucks, I can use my boyfriends old T2i because my 5D doesn't do video which really sucks but I hadn't planned on doing video when I bought it (for a very good deal at that!) So until I do get that camera, possibly tomorrow so I could film one for the next day, I won't be posting videos! I may also just redo the ones I have up now because it's very hard to see anything!

I am super excited for my Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette and porclain eyelashes to get here soon! I can't wait, I've been such a fan of Shrinkle's brand for so long and I've finally got money to afford some! I also have a Anatometal piece coming for my Medusa soon, my monthly Ipsy bag, and a cute necklace from The Pink Barbie's online store! So I will have a lot to share with you, as well as my projects that I do in college because who knows maybe you'd like to see them!

So this is all for now, I am super sleepy and have many things to do before class tomorrow!

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