Call it Spring!


Hey guys, so yesterday my boyfriend and I went shopping and I had been looking in Spring for shoes a bit before but yesterday we went in and I decided to buy two pairs! I couldn't help myself they were super cute and they both have warm fuzzy material inside which is the best because I am easily cold!
I really wanted a pair that resembled my old tattered ratty black Van's that I have had for years and love so much, so I chose some cute little black sneakers!
They're a version of these, except the ones I bought have a back sole and the inside like I said is fuzzy material which covers the tongue that sticks out and the side parts that are flipped down, so super cute and warm and makes me feel like I'm ready for Autumn! 

The other pair I bought are wedge boots! I love wedges, they're my favorite. Even though I'm not supposed to wear them because of my Arthritis I don't really care and wear them anyways! I own quite a few pairs of wedges (Maybe I'll make a post of all my shoes one day!) 

(The sneakers I bought are exactly the same on the top if you didn't know what I meant and needed a visual!) I love these, I was wearing them yesterday despite it being kind of hot but that's okay because like I said I get cold easily! These also can be flipped up so they look like a completely different boot! Which is super exciting because I obsessively wear shoes and that means I can change it up just a little bit!

Now, when I was in Spring I tried on the shoes and my feet are a size US 5, which means it's really hard for me to find shoes. So of course the lady comes back and says she has a 5.5 in the boots and a 6.5 in the sneakers so I tried them on and the boots are a bit loose like a .5 loose, but the sneakers surprisingly fit me perfectly like a glove I was so surprised despite them being a whole size bigger? It was weird but I'm not complaining, that just means I'll try different sizes on now because you never know how they're going to fit I guess!

I'll be posting on my Lookbook when school starts in a few days because I'll actually dress up and have something to take a picture of and then you'll get to see me wear the shoes and see that they look like on!

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