AG Sweet Heat Flat Iron!


Hey guys, so another update on my hair straightener problem!
I finally found the one I was looking for, the AG Sweet Heat iron! And the reason I was looking for this one is because I used my friends and it worked amazingly, and she has had it for years now and it hadn't broken so after my Chi breaking after a month of having it I decided that's what I needed!
So I was looking for awhile and I did find it online, but eventually I checked Chatters and they had them there!
They had two kinds, there was a digital one and I'm not sure what that one was called exactly, but it came with a bottle of AG spray and it was about $150 but I wanted to get the one my friend had exactly just to be safe, and that was $92 so I was pretty happy about the price!

So it is super soft to touch! It even says that on the box and at first you're like, what does that even mean? But when you take the straightener out it all makes sense, the straightener is actually soft! Like it feels silky, it's super lovely! And it's more of a pearl colour and shine, not just white plastic which is nice too!

So far I am impressed with it, I only have it turned up about half way and it makes my hair straight and keeps it straight! I would definitely recommend this straightener! The only thing I don't like is I feel like since my hair is purple it may tint the white but that's not a big deal obviously and I'm sure it could come off ahah!

I just wanted to update you guys, because after my mess with Chi I was so disappointed and needed to find a good quality straightener and I did!

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