FoxyLocks Hair Extensions!


Hey guys, So my Foxy Locks Extensions came the other day! So I'll just start from the beginning I guess!
So I had seen lots of people who really loved these extensions and I had been looking for some since I had been using really old ones that were really badly fried and just not good. I decided I wanted to get some of these and choosing the colour was easy since I am dyeing them purple anyways to match my lavender hair (Which I will have a blog up about later on!).
I picked number #60 Light Ash Blonde, I then decided that I wanted 125g Regular (for finer, longer hair) because my hair isn't the thickest and I also don't like thick extensions and all of them come as 20".  I then choose to have them shipped here in a week instead of two because I wanted them really badly and it was only an extra $10.00 or so. BAD CHOICE! When they got to my door the delivery guy wanted an extra $35.04 on top
of what I already paid for the extensions. I knew there would be customs but usually they're not that expensive so I was very alarmed by that and luckily I had the cash on me at the time! WATCH OUT FOR CUSTOMS. I'm usually really good with that but I just wasn't thinking.

Now onto the actual extensions!

They're extremely soft and they're so beautiful I almost wanted to keep them blonde and go blonde myself, I still am tempted to in the future!

The extensions came in a long sleeve that was folded in half to fit into the package. They have the information on the front and the lovely lady who owns the company on the back!

Simple, cute, and pink!

These are the extensions laid out! They're a ten piece set which includes:

2 x 4 clip wefts
2 x 3 clip wefts
2 x 2 clip wefts
4 x 1 clip wefts

So a lot of hair! Which is also why I didn't want to get any thicker hair because I also have a small head so this is a task to fit on a bit! I don't have a picture with them in because I have purple hair so that would look silly. They're currently in the process of dyeing right now though so expect a blog soon!

So far I would give Foxy Locks a 9/10, the customs was terrible but that's not their fault, the only thing I think they should work on is bigger clips because those are the smallest I've had yet! I don't think it's a problem for the 125g hair but I think it might be with the thicker ones which in the reviews I've seen has been a problem for the volumizing weft that comes in the 215g Superior set!

House of Lashes!


Hey guys, so I am super excited to write this blog since I have been admiring House of Lashes for a long time now since I've seen them everywhere on Instagram mostly. I had been waiting about two weeks for them to come (average waiting for anything to Canada. Which is still killer though because who wants to wait for something so awesome!)

So I ordered four pairs and two eyelash cases.
1x Pixie Luxe for $12.00 each 
1x Hollywood Glam for $9.00 each 
1x Feline for $9.00 each 
1x Femme Fatale for $9.00 each 
1x Ribbon Eyelash Case 2pk for $10.00 each

I also used the promo code "ONEYEAR" in celebration of their birthday which got you 10% off I believe, not too positive. Saved me $9.80 which basically paid for the shipping so that was awesome.


The package came in a little box which the mail man delivered and he placed it right onto of my mail box ahah (They're so funny that way, I once ordered a skateboard deck and he stuck it right out of my mailbox!) 

Inside the little box was some wrapping paper and the eyelashes cases were wrapped separately from the eyelashes. 

So inside were the eyelashes I showed you above! And the eyelash cases below! I just loved the eyelash cases because they were so cute and I really don't like keeping the boxed and also the eyelashes are much easier to put into them and like I said they're super cute! (Although I did find them on another website for cheaper but that will come in another blog because I did a huge haul from them!)

Cute black bows ontop!

They have room for three sets of eyelashes and space for eyelash glue (Although it's not a very big space).

As you can see I did take the labels off of the back of the eyelash boxes because I still wanted to know what they were called and they really don't fit there bad and they're still sticky (even if they weren't you could stick them down with eyelash glue).

A close up view, as you can see they all fit really nicely and it's a really convenient way to store them!

Surprisingly when I get the Pixie Luxe I didn't really like them, I thought they looked crazy aha, but I did wear them today and wow they're really nice! It gives you a "natural" look that's really full but not over the top which is super lovely. Like I said in the box they look like they're really crazy but they aren't when you put them on.

I wore the Feline the first day and they're so lovely, I love how they get fulled as they go out and they're really felineish! They go great with a winged eyeliner. They're probably my favorite honestly!

The Hollywood Glam and Femme Fatal I haven't worn yet but I am a tad dissapointed and feel like I should have picked other ones since they're basically the same except one pair is a bit thicker than the other (Femme Fatal I believe). And they look a lot like my other paid I had (I say had because I threw away my two old pairs as soon as these arrived!) and so I'm not too happy with them but I haven't worn them yet but I'll give them a try.

Wow really clear picture, good one!

These are my two old pairs, I didn't realize how bad they were until I saw my new ones! Just pitiful if you ask me aha! Very happy to have thrown those away, even though my friend had gotten me the eylure ones from England but oh well!

So yeah since I haven't worn all the pairs yet I can't tell you my exact thoughts but they're all super soft, they're very good quality and I would definitely recommend them!

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My big black shoe collection!


Hey guys! So I thought I'd make an appreciation post about my shoes! I love shoes, they get you where you want to go, and they get you there in style (Hopefully)!

I personally love wedges the most! I find them very comfortable and I look fabulous in them! Although I'm sure my doctors would just cringe that I wear them since I have arthritis but that's why I don't see them anymore anyways (Just kidding, kind of. I'll save that post for another time aha)!

I'm kind of funny in the way that I'll wear my old beat up Vans for months and then one day decide that I miss my wedges and go back to them for months and forget about my Vans! I'm trying to find a nice balance and not obsessively wear one pair of shoes until they're completely worn out.

So anyways, I thought I'd take a group photo of ALL of my shoes because they need some appreciation sometimes! And yes, the majority are all black because I love the colour black and it loves me!

So as you can see I have very few flat shoes, 5/8 are wedges/heels. I do have more shoes than this but these are my main ladies!
It's really hard for me to find shoes that fit because my feet are a size 5 which I guess a lot of shoe companies don't like to make or at least make a lot of! I don't understand why though, I can't be the only small footed person around!

I love buying shoes and I'll definitely have some more in the near future, and of course you'll be the first to know about it!

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Hey guys, so I did manage to get a camera, and I did manage to film a video!

However I was too excited and got ahead of myself. Because when I filmed the video I didn't check the settings, I didn't check the size of the video I was taking, and I didn't check if I had the charger!

So yeah, my makeup video turned out very orange, I am in focus but none of the items I show you are, and the fact the video quality was so large meant it killed the camera way faster and it filled my card up twice! So it will simply have to wait a bit more until I can film another one! I'm also still awkward with talking but I feel like I need to get over this, maybe!

I just wanted to let you guys know what's going on because I had initially said I would film one every day, but then I got sick and then the quality was just not up to what I wanted it to be so then I had to wait to get a better camera and now I don't even have the charger so it's just a mess! I really do apoligize! (Writing this like anyone cares I make them or not ahaha)

But I'm still going to settle for the webcam quality because it's easiest to work with and it works fine for now! I may sell my Canon 5D so that I can buy another camera with video!

Anyways, that's all I have for you right now!

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People who think it's okay to be rude! (RANT)


Hey guys, so the other day something happened to me that I just felt the need to blog about because I found it very inappropriate and rude. It's also something that I feel happens way more than it should, about a lot of things actually.

So the other day my boyfriend and I had to go to a wedding convention thing where they're a whole bunch of vendors and you can go look at them and check them out and we had to go there because that's what his mother does and she needed help taking down her stuff since it was over. So when we get there his mom is taking to an older man who I'm not sure who he is. They finish talking and she introduces us as "her riffraff". He then looks at me and says "What have you done to your hair?" I laugh a bit because isn't it obvious what I have done and that's just their way of acknowledging it? But he then says "Well?" like he's actually expecting an answer so I say "I dyed it aha" like obviously? So he says to my boyfriends mom "and we're trying to get rid of the grey!" And I reply "Its purple" and he says "well does it wash out?" I reply "yes" and he says "Oh good, should take a pressure washer to it". I'm just like "excuse me?!" in my head but I didn't actually say anything. He then goes to put his hand on my shoulder and say "You're a pretty girl you don't need all that. Trust what I say you'll see." 

Like excuse me, but who do you think you are? Oh yeah I forgot the "old and wise"! I was honestly so mad, and I was just standing there awkwardly! Like did you expect me to say "Oh you're so right! Let me change it right away for you! Do you prefer blonde or brunette? I forgot who I was supposed to please!" I was so appalled by him, someone I've never met before even! And I couldn't be rude because I didn't know if he was a client or someone more important and I didn't want to make a bad impression for my boyfriends mom, but that was so rude. And when he put his hand on my shoulder like are you kidding me, I felt so violated! 

Like 1. It's purple hair not grey, 2. Who do you think you are! 3. Do NOT touch me, 4. Keep your rude comments to yourself!
What does "You're a pretty girl you don't need all that" even mean? I have PURPLE hair. Nothing about my makeup was over the top at all, which wouldn't have been an excuse for him even if it was.

Nowadays colourful hair is more and more popular and it has been for years! People need to get over the fact that some people aren't happy in their natural colours. I haven't had mine since the 6th grade. I do not think my purple hair is weird, I have had unnatural colours in my hair since the 8th grade. I am COMPLETELY comfortable in my purple hair. It makes me happy. Makes ME happy! I do not look a certain way to please anyone else but myself. Not even my boyfriend. I take his opinion of course but if there is something I've wanted to do he's always supported it, always.

Like I would have loved for him to exaggerate more on his comment "You're a pretty girl you don't need all that". Do you mean I should have a natural hair, "natural" makeup and dress in colours and not have piercings? People are NOT all the same, and they shouldn't be! We all look different and we should be proud to be! We should be proud to look how we want and feel confident and not have to worry about assholes making rude comments towards us!

If anyone tells you something you don't like you should tell them! You don't have to be rude, just politely tell them sorry but I don't agree with you. No one has the power to put you down!

Okay, I'm done now. I could go on forever but I would like to put this behind me and let go of the bad feelings!

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Geolenses (Geo Magic Colour)


Hey guys, so I just realized I didn't ever make a blog about my new contacts I purchased from GeoColouredLenses! Which is really funny because it must have just slipped my mind completely even though I wear them every day!

Anyways! So I bought four pairs because I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for so I went to their Combos section and looked around there. Although it was really hard not to buy the Geo Princess Mimi Combo because my name is Mimi and I am a princess, I went with the Geo Magic Colour Combo because they seemed to have a lot more to choose from and I wanted different colours than what the Princess Mimi was offering. I was really happy to find a lot of contacts in the same strength as my eyes since mine are both a -7.00, super blind!

I ended up choosing four of the Angel Colours just because they seemed to be brighter and I have dark brown eyes so I wanted them to show up obviously. I choose the purple (CM-831), the blue (CM-832), the green (CM-833) and the grey (CM-835).

Now sad to say only some show up! The purple shows up fairly well, but not over the top crazy purple. The blue doesn't show up at all, but you still get the circle lens effect so it's not that bad. The green also shows very little but more than the blue I believe. The grey works probably the best out of all of them and gives a nice neutral grey eye which I love and they have become my favorite, as well as the purple.

Wearing the grey lenses.

Now the great thing I find about these lenses is that they are only a 14.2mm which is only .2mm more than normal contact lenses but everyone thinks I'm wearing at least 16mm, so I think that's a plus! They're also very comfortable and easy to put in. Although keep in mind I have been wearing contact lenses everyday for about four years, but I still think they would be easy for anyone to put in, it just takes a little practice!

So far I give them a 4/5! I really like their brand, they gave me cute purple and pink contact lens cases just like I asked so that was really awesome of them, the strength is exactly mine so awesome, and they came in a good amount of time, probably the normal two weeks I usually wait for packages!
I will definitely be buying more of them because I would love to find other ones that have brighter colours that won't be defused by my brown eyes!

I found these contacts because I was looking for some for awhile and I knew a bunch of websites but I wasn't sure how much I could trust them. But then one of my favorite bloggers Rose Shock wears them all the time so I felt confident that they were good. You can also find coupons online for them by just searching "Geo Coloured Lenses Coupons" and something will come up, every little bit counts, right!

"These are GEO COLOR 9 AQUA BLUE AN-A49 lenses from"
I think these might be next to purchase because they're super bright and beautiful! Maybe the rest of that line is that bright and I can find some cute purple ones!

Also I'd like to add these contacts last a year, but they told me to only wear them until they're uncomfortable don't wait the full year if that happens sooner! But that's a long time anyways so I'm super pleased with these, minus some of the colours but not a big deal!

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My Lookbook!


Hey guys, so I did make a Lookbook awhile back and I didn't post anything until the other day. I was hoping to have good quality pictures but all I have to work with is an iphone camera and crappy lighting! But regardless I am going to post outfit looks when I have cute ones. I've already posted one!

I actually really like Lookbook and it's nice you can only post once every 5 hours because it gives other people a chance to be seen instead of more popular people maybe spamming with their photos!

I'll be posting more on there for sure, so feel free to hype my look or fan me! I would really appreciate it, I know they're not the best quality but you have to work with what you've got! Eventually I'll be getting a tripod because I really need one if I'm going to film Youtube videos and take good quality pictures since it can't hold itself up aha!

I think that's all I have to say, if you have a Lookbook feel free to comment it below and I'll check it out!

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Little update! (What's going on!)


Hey guys, so I just felt like making a little post just because about some updates and such!

So tomorrow I have a afternoon class but since I can't get a ride to it really I'm going to stay home and work and the stuff I've been neglecting! So that means I'm going to bang out a bunch of blogs as well as other stuff I need to do like school work. (Skipping school to catch up on school work? weird.)

I actually have a bunch of drafts saved about things I wanted to blog about because every time I get an idea I write it there and then sometimes forget about them and yeah! But tomorrow I'm going to dedicate a bit to doing that, and a bit to doing housework and then school work, not necessarily in that order aha.

I have a bunch of art projects that need to be worked on and dishes that need to be done and blogs that need to be written!

I'm going to think of a few more too, and in a few days I'm also going to do the $20 makeup challenge! I would also like to do a giveaway soon because I think that would be really nice to do, just not sure what to give away yet! I'd have to think about it and plan it, and what would I give away? But I may do that!

Between college and then doing stuff outside of that I forget to post on my instagram a lot now which sucks because I love doing it, it's also the fact that I am still getting used to iOS 7 but I shall continue just a little less than I have been!

Also I've been following a lot more makeup and beauty blogs now so if you want to suggest any feel free to comment them or your own and I will check them out and follow them!

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Hey guys, so originally when I had dyed my hair purple/violet I had dyed my extensions too because obviously I wanted to still wear them! But when I reached my desired hair colour of lavender my extensions were too dark and they're already really bad quality so they couldn't take any bleach, so what could I do?
Well, I started googleing and going on Youtube, and I found this girl who showed me how!
At first I was a bit skeptical but I did try it because I didn't care much about them anyways so there was nothing to lose.

So what you do!
  1. Get a pot of water and put it on the stove
  2. Set to low heat
  3. Put your extensions in the pot
  4. Add a lot of dish soap!
TAAA DAAA, it really works. It did not change the state of my hair extensions, since all you're doing is putting them in very hot water with soap right? So there you have it, if you're wanting to change your hair extensions colour just do this and they will fade! I am not sure to what extent they will fade because I just wanted mine to go lavender and I left mine in for about 20/25 minutes. 

I was so happy to find this method, and I wish I had known this before it could have been really useful! Now only if we could do this on our own hair....

I wish I could give credit to this girl, but I was so excited to try it I didn't save her video or anything, so I apoligize for that! I mean I am sure she's not the only one who has a video on Youtube doing this but it works! So give it a try!


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OOTD Cuuu-Brrr!


Hey guys, so cute OOTD (Outfit of the day if anyone doesn't know)!

So today has been the first super rainy and cold day in a long time, we went from high 20's/30's to 9! That's super crazy, but I had been wanting to wear all the cute fall outfits that I've been thinking up so here is one of them!

So first we have my cute black knit circle scarf, I bought this sometime last year for around $10 at Stitches! The beret (hat) is from Claire's years ago, back in the scene days when they were cool, but I still think it's super cute and matches the scarf perfectly! The boots are a new purchase of mine which I did blog about HERE. They looked super fabulous with my light coloured jeans from Stitches and my pleather jacket from Garage!

I love that the cold weather aloud me to put together a cute outfit I had been dyeing to wear, and I'll have more soon! I don't want to do these two often but when I feel super fabulous and fashionable I will post them! You'll see them on my instagram first though, so follow me there if you want to stay updated!

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Hey guys, so a few days ago I got my third Ipsy bag in the mail! I always love waiting for these to come to my house so I can open it up and find those lovely items inside! So these are the items I got this month! Four out of five are full sized and that makes me super happy!

  • EM Michael Phan The Life Pallete in Career Life, actually makeup on the paper to use.
  • NYX Eyeshadow 108 Golden Poppy
  • It's So Big Mascara
  • Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple
  • Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in K01 Obsidian
  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter 

So here's some swatches for you, from left to right is Golden Poppy, Ivory Lace Highlighter, Obsidian, Mascara, and Big Apple! ( I didn't swatch the Career Life because I want to save it for a tutorial/look)

So my impressions of them! 

I am not so much of a fan of Golden Poppy just because I dislike yellows but it may look good with a orange and brown combo for fall, so I will stay optimistic about it!

The Ivory Lace Highlighter is a really lovely colour the compliments my skin well and doesn't look awkward on me, so I love it and used it today. You can see it on my instagram!

I don't really use eye pencils much just because I love my liquid eyeliner way more, but it goes on very smooth and its really black so I will give it a try.

The mascara doesn't seem to be anything special, but it's really nice. It goes on smooth and doesn't clump, it's more of a lengthening mascara than a volumizing one like it says.

The tinted lip balm is quite more than tinted I would say, it's very red and in the swatch that's just a tiny bit of it, so it's really more than that, which isn't a bad thing, just a misleading name!

Overall I am pretty happy with my Ipsy bag this month! And I already can't wait till next months!

If you want to join Ipsy just click HERE! For $10 a month and free shipping ($5.00 CAN) you really can't go wrong, I love all the products I get usually and sometimes it's hit or miss but you're getting 4-5 products usually full size for a very low price! I love it!

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First OOTD! Floral and black!


Hey guys, so here's my first Outfit of the Day! Cute floral pants from Stiches, Black shirt from Old Navy! Later on ill make more detailed posts but this one had to be quick! 

My Foundation Routine!

Hey guys, so for awhile now, about two months I've been using Kat Von D's Lock It Tattoo Foundation and I haven't been overly happy with it, because it's been a little too thick and easily cakey looking. So I just randomly decided to mix a bit in with my Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer and it has made it look so lovely and not cakey at all and goes on really flawless, my only problem is either aren't my exact shade but it's really nice and I prefer the colour they make over just using the Kat Von D foundation alone! But I also found it makes your skin look less matte which I want so you do have to add power to it!

Now I apply it with a stipple brush from E.L.F. and it works pretty well, I really like it actually. And of course primer before had. And I just take a pump or so of the foundation and about the same amount or more of the moisturizer and fix them together on my hand and then dip my brush and go at it. Combining the two makes it go on a lot smoother too which is nice and you just have to buff it in a lot more because of the moisturizer which is fine!

I've been looking at other foundation's though, just because i've grown tired of this one and I love buying new things, but I really wanted to try the Dior Flash Foundation, because it just seems really awesome and comes in a can and you can spray it right on your face, but at a price of $62 for a lot of wasted product if you apply it that way? I'm not so sure! Honestly I'll probably give in and buy it just because my wants always get the better of me, but maybe next month. I'll also be looking into other foundations as well! I just wish we had a Sephora where I live since it's my favorite place and I would always go there 3:. BUT a girl can dream!

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I've got my selfie game back! (I hope!)


Hey guys, so I just felt like making a blog post since I'm bored and don't have anything to do. Well actually I have a lot to do but nothing I WANT to do aha.

Anyways, so for awhile, like maybe two months now, I just haven't been feeling very me. I'm not too sure why, but that's led me to not be posting seflies much which is super sad and sucks because I loved doing that! But today I feel like I got my selfie game back. Maybe it was the extensions? Maybe it was the purple eyebrows? Either way I'm not complaining!

I'm feeling pretty fabulous again! Which is awesome aha. Except for the fact my hair always shows up blue in pictures when it's actually lavender but whatever I guess aha, all depends on the lighting and I guess the sun likes to pick up the blue undertones.

I also did my eyebrows differently, I usually just do like uh.. rainbows ahah. But nope, today they had nice shape and length and everything was on point! My goal is to do this again tomorrow.. but we'll see how that goes, thank god for the purple eyeliner so I can use it on my eyebrows!

Coloured eyebrows is something I've only experimented with before when I had my blue hair, and I thought why not! They might look cute! And yup, they do!

I hate waiting for packages! I'm currently waiting for my Ipsy bag, my new medusa jewelry from Anatometal, I got my Sugarpill package a few days ago though so that's good, and I'm still waiting on a cute necklace from ShopPinkSugar. And now I just ordered four pairs of lashes from The House of Lashes and two eyelash cases because they're super cute and will be very handy! I feel like I almost have to get another job to support my addiction! Well, it's shipping that really bumbs the price up of everything, because I live in Canada so anything I buy is $15.00 for basic two week shipping, a week if I'm lucky! But an extra $15.00 on top of the stuff I want to buy is like an extra goodie! I wish there was a cheaper way, or if you spent over a certain amount that wasn't like $100.00 that would be cool too!

Anyways, I don't think I have much to say. I finally got a camera from my boyfriend that takes video so I shall be making way better quality videos for Youtube soon! Actually perhaps tomorrow since class starts at 1:30 for me! We shall see! I just really want to sleep soon because tomorrow is Monday which means mail day! And I'll be really sad if I don't get any mail tomorrow but I should since I'm expecting so much! Oh it's gonna drive my mom crazy ahah.

Okay that's all for now, bye guys!

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Hey guys! So yesterday my Sugarpill package finally arrived! I got the Col Chemistry pallete!
The beautiful colours are Soot and Stars, Diamond Eyes, Elemental Chaos, and Subterranean! Also it has a mirror in it which is super cute, and the pallete is magnetic and comes in a sleeve as you can see below!

I also got a few other goodies! A pair of Porcelain eyelashes ( Which I'm not sure I really like sadly), and a cute Sugarpill sticker! As extras they sent me a sample of Goldilux and a cute kitty sticker!

The packaging it comes in is super cute! They have the kitty ontop of the box that your stuff is shipped in, and then inside is filled with pink paper!

I was so excited and today I finally got to try it out! I did some swatches for you guys because those are always nice! The first four are without primer and the last four are with E.L.F. Primer and NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk as a base!

So when you add primer and base they're a lot nicer looking and it makes them thicker and brighter! These colours are really brilliant!

I used Elemental Chaos all over my eyelid and then added Diamond Eyes to the inside corner and blended it in and then swept some across my entire eyelid!

Okay that's all for now! Any questions and I'll be glad to answer them!

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Bath and Body Works!


Hey guys, so I realized I do have a blog for you!

A week or so ago my friend gave me a $10 off coupon if you spent $30 for Bath and Body Works so of course I had to go and use it!

I ended up picking out a Pumpkin Cupcake candle, a travel size of theTwilight  Woods lotion a normal size of the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion!

The Pumpkin Cupcake candle is alright, there's something about it that I find odd but it still smells great! It's hilarious though because at least at the Bath and Body Works in my mall they have a "sale" on where you can buy two of the triple wick candles for $32. Well obviously! Because if you buy ONE candle to $15. So it's really not a deal at all! How silly! But I'm sure it tricks quite a few people into buying two candles!

The Twilight Woods lotion is my favorite but the reason I bought it in travel size is because usually lotions make my skin super irritated and I get bumps everywhere! But surprising this didn't happen with either of the lotions! This one smells amazing, almost magical and it's my favorite.

The Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Lotion is really yummy, although I haven't used it much because I'm so in love with the Twilight Woods lotion!

I'm really impressed with Bath and Body Works and we only recently got one in our mall and it's really great because we only have a very small mall so this is really boosting it! 

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Sick with tonsillitis!

Hey guys! So yesterday I woke up with tonsillitis which is so crazy because I never get sick and funny enough my sister had it so many times that they had to take her tonsils out. However! I am feeling much better just a day later, but I did have to miss classes which sucks but I emailed my teachers and hopefully they'll excuse my absence! The doctor wanted $40 for a note that says that I've been to the clinic like that's ridiculous! So I'm hoping they'll accept the prescription as proof!

So college has made it more difficult to write blogs because I haven't been able to write about anything and also I'm waiting for quite a few packages to arrive which if I don't have the product I can't wright a review! I believe I'm waiting for three packages?

Also last month I wasn't able to pay off as much of my credit card as I'd have liked to and that's what I use to buy things for my blog because I like to keep it to a limit, and now I'm switching credit card companies so I have to pay it off entirely before I use my new one so I won't be buying much until that's paid off and I can start my new one! I mean I could just start using it but I don't want to do that, since I'm kind of bad at managing money! 

So I just kinda wanted to write you a guys an update about what's going on and why there hasn't been many reviews!  But when my Sugarpill makeup gets here I can do more makeup videos on my Youtube account also when I get better and have some motivation, I'm also in need of getting more eyelashes since I only had three pairs. One natural pair, then a bit thicker and then dramatic! But unfortunately my favorite pair, the middle pair, ended up in my sink somehow and are ruined! So I'm hoping to get some from The House of Lashes, and I also have a pair coming from Sugarpill!

It's kind of nice having some days off, even if I am sick, because I've been watching a bunch of movies and I love movies! So far I've watched Edward Scissorhands, the newest Alice in Wonderland, Dark Shadows and now Interview With a Vampire! I wanted to watch Halloweentown and Haunted Mansion but I can't find them online anywhere, and they're not on MegaShare. Oh well! I'll keep finding movies and sleeping in between them until later tonight when I go to my painting class at 5:00 since that's not something I can do at home!

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