Update! Limited Edition Pink Crinkle Chi Straightener: It broke!


So awhile ago I wrote a blog about how my brand new chi straightener broke (See here) and I had said how I had found someone to fix my straightener! Well turns out that was a gong show because they didn't even try to fix it as far as I know. They had it for a month and had to order the fuse in, which they did, but then they said they couldn't get the straightener open without breaking it, which isn't true, so I was not very impressed with them.

So here I am, looking for a new straightener since I really can't live without one especially since I wear extensions that are straight and my natural hair is wavy!

Basically, don't buy a Chi. I took my chances despite the bad reviews I saw because I had always wanted one since I was younger and I could finally afford one. But just don't do it, because now I have to do my research and find another brand that won't crap out on me!

My friend has a AG Straightener which she has had for 2 years now and it hasn't broken on her yet so I am really interested in those and it still works like the day she got it! But I will be researching which are the best and what not because I failed to do that the first time and now I have to pay for the consequences!
It's such a pity that Chi straightener's breaking is a very common thing, considering they're such a well known brand, you would think they would be ashamed to sell a product that one works for a month. Seriously, google it, there are so many people complaining about this happening! And it sucks because of course where I bought it they only gave you a month warranty and it breaks just after a month, figures!

I went into a salon today to see if they had any AG straighteners, and of course they didn't but she said she could order me one in! She said that she recommended the Rowenta straightener though, and that most of her stylists used it even though it's not a well known brand! She also said that she had Moroccan straighteners coming in, which is a brand I have heard of a lot.

There are so many different brands out there and they all claim to be the very best but I guess all that you can do is read up on reviews, see the negatives and positives, and don't buy a Chi!

Now, I don't want to knock the brand because I really love their hair products and I do use them, but it just seems that every Chi straightener now breaks! Which  is really sad, but I have read that the ones a few years ago lasted years and I feel like that's where they get their good name from but unfortunately that isn't the case anymore!

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