Some very helpful information about piercings and jewelry!


While I was in Calgary, me and my friend went into a tattoo shop called Heroes and Villians Tattoo's to look at some jewelry they had because we knew they carried Anatometal. When we walked in a guy named Dan asked if we knew anything about piercings and we didn't, so he asked us to follow him and he told us some very interesting information about piercings.

He started with "Do you know what the standards are for jewelry in North America? There is none" which is something I had no clue about. I assumed that people had that under control and that they wouldn't let us put bad things into our bodies, but I was wrong.
I learned that you can buy ten labrets for $0.12 and put those into people's bodies.
I learned that your body attacks these things and that's why piercings reject and get infected.
I learned that you don't have quality jewelry unless it's mirror shiny and you can see yourself in it and it won't ever dull.
I am honestly really disgusted by this, and the fact that piercers don't even let us know what we're putting into our bodies, if they even know.
He told us that if you do go get a piercing you should ask to see their jewelry invoices and see how much they're paying. He showed us his, and they're all around $50.00 not $0.12 like some places.

This is because he uses Anatometal and Industrial Strength jewelry when he pierces people! He uses high quality body jewelry and knows what he is talking about and doing!
I am honestly really happy we walked into his shop that day and learned a bit about piercings. I mean, I won't lie. Up until then I had no clue what I was putting in my body and I loved the fact I could order a whole bunch of labrets for my medusa piercing for under $20.00.  Now, I have thrown all that out and ordered an adorable Anatometal labret which is blurple with a light pink opal in it! It came to $40.00 but it's worth it, you're paying for quality and a happy and healthy piercing!

Since both Anatometal and Industrial Strength only sell as a wholeseller, you can find them at these places!

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