My ugly and awkward hair adventure


Hey guys, so I'm making this blog because although it's embarrassing and has terrible pictures where I don't look the best I feel it's important because maybe someone will find my adventure helpful!

So for awhile now I had wanted to dye my hair pink and then I changed to lavender because I had blonde bangs and I did dye them lavender. I then had the smart idea to do my whole head lavender! Which did not work out.. whoops. I was too impatient and my hair did things that it has never done before.

So here is the first picture, my hair after one bleach. It's way oranger than I had ever seen it before, but I expected it because that always happens. So I mixed some conditioner and purple dye to tone it, and I did that a few times.

As you can see it gradually got less and less brassy!

What a dreamy white my bangs were!

So then I had the bright thought that hey, my hair is light enough for the lavender dye from Sally's, right? WRONG. All it did was tone it more, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But the bad thing was that I went to Sally's to get more lavender dye and they didn't have any and wouldn't until Tuesday! (Notice the green tint? Not sure how that even happened since I didn't touch anything blue or green)

Different lighting to see green better.

So since Sally's didn't have the lavender dye, I decided that the grey would be nice and bought two of the titanium ion dye's. Yeah, that didn't turn out good at all. It then turned my hair a dull grey WITH green tint! I have no clue where this green came from.


So then I read on the internet that ketchup takes green out, so I lathered my hair up with ketchup and it did take some of the green out but not enough.

So then I took my violet by Punky Colours and my two other purples by Splat and mixed them all up into a bowl and TA DAAAA.

So there we go. I have no clue why my hair went so orange after I bleached it because it usually goes WAY lighter, and especially bleaching it twice. And I have no clue where the green tint came from which is what messed up my hair real bad. So here I am without lavender hair but this purply/blueish violet mix works for me, and hopefully it'll fade nicely and I can put the lavender dye on top from Sally's! This is my hope!
I would LOVE to have white hair like my bangs but that won't happen. My hair is now pretty damaged but not really any more than I expected. I really missed having colourful hair so I don't regret it. It also needs to be cut and styled really badly but that is to come and then it will look way better! Overall I mean I am a bit disappointed though because I put a lot of wasted effort into my hair over the past two days, but what can you do! I have dyed my hair every colour before and it has only gone bad this one time so pretty discouraging but I will continue.

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I just wanted to show you guys what my hair looks like without extensions! Super bluey violet!

My extensions consist of three rows! Plus one tiny extra one which I made from leftover extensions.
I left my very bottom row alone and didn't add any purple to it. It is a double row of black!
My second row is double black and then I added double violet extensions on top, making four layers of extensions.
My third row is double black as well and I also added double violet to that! So yet again, four layers of hair!

The second and third row of extensions are a full head width, and my first one is just the width of my neck basically.

So this is me with ALL that hair in there too! It really isn't that heavy, but it is hot! It looks fabulous though and gives my hair a lot of volume without the damage of teasing!

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