Just a little update!


Hey guys, so I was just bored and thought I'd update you!

I got my nails done yesterday, and i've never had gel nails before and it's so hard to type or do anything because I got them too long but I might file them sometime because I don't think I can handle them being this long!

They're just simple black ones but they're really cute!

Here's some pictures of my hair, this doesn't even really show how big it is because of my extensions, I love it because I don't even have to tease it, thank god since it's a tad bit fried ahah, woops. That's okay though, it's super cute!

I guess that's all I really have to say today, since it's way too hard to type with these nails and it kinda hurts 3:! Okay that's all for today, byeee.

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