Diorshow Liner review!


Hey guys, so I was at Sephora yesterday and I was looking for either an eyebrow pallete or eyebrow pencil and sadly no one makes any in black! I want black eyebrows, not dark brown. So I then decided to look for a black eyeliner because they work the same, and I wanted one that was retractable because then I wouldn't have to sharpen it which is what I hate having to do the most. So I found Dior's Diorshow Liner!
It's really great, it's waterproof and long lasting which is exactly what I wanted. I got it in the colour Carbon since that's black and it really works wonders. I always had the problem of the tails of my eyebrows not being sharp because other eyebrow pencils wouldn't stay sharp, but since this one is already super small and retractable it stays small and sharp, and if you feel the need to sharpen it, it comes with a sharpener!

The sharpener comes out at the bottom!

The price for it was $29 and although it does seem like quite a bit I feel like its worth it because I couldn't find any other brand with a black eyebrow pencil and I couldn't find any other brand with retractable eyeliners and this has that all in one plus a cute sharper that stays in the bottom of the pencil! I will definitely be buying it again once it runs out! 

Nice cute eyebrows!

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