Diorshow Liner review!


Hey guys, so I was at Sephora yesterday and I was looking for either an eyebrow pallete or eyebrow pencil and sadly no one makes any in black! I want black eyebrows, not dark brown. So I then decided to look for a black eyeliner because they work the same, and I wanted one that was retractable because then I wouldn't have to sharpen it which is what I hate having to do the most. So I found Dior's Diorshow Liner!
It's really great, it's waterproof and long lasting which is exactly what I wanted. I got it in the colour Carbon since that's black and it really works wonders. I always had the problem of the tails of my eyebrows not being sharp because other eyebrow pencils wouldn't stay sharp, but since this one is already super small and retractable it stays small and sharp, and if you feel the need to sharpen it, it comes with a sharpener!

The sharpener comes out at the bottom!

The price for it was $29 and although it does seem like quite a bit I feel like its worth it because I couldn't find any other brand with a black eyebrow pencil and I couldn't find any other brand with retractable eyeliners and this has that all in one plus a cute sharper that stays in the bottom of the pencil! I will definitely be buying it again once it runs out! 

Nice cute eyebrows!

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Just a little update!


Hey guys, so I was just bored and thought I'd update you!

I got my nails done yesterday, and i've never had gel nails before and it's so hard to type or do anything because I got them too long but I might file them sometime because I don't think I can handle them being this long!

They're just simple black ones but they're really cute!

Here's some pictures of my hair, this doesn't even really show how big it is because of my extensions, I love it because I don't even have to tease it, thank god since it's a tad bit fried ahah, woops. That's okay though, it's super cute!

I guess that's all I really have to say today, since it's way too hard to type with these nails and it kinda hurts 3:! Okay that's all for today, byeee.

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My ugly and awkward hair adventure


Hey guys, so I'm making this blog because although it's embarrassing and has terrible pictures where I don't look the best I feel it's important because maybe someone will find my adventure helpful!

So for awhile now I had wanted to dye my hair pink and then I changed to lavender because I had blonde bangs and I did dye them lavender. I then had the smart idea to do my whole head lavender! Which did not work out.. whoops. I was too impatient and my hair did things that it has never done before.

So here is the first picture, my hair after one bleach. It's way oranger than I had ever seen it before, but I expected it because that always happens. So I mixed some conditioner and purple dye to tone it, and I did that a few times.

As you can see it gradually got less and less brassy!

What a dreamy white my bangs were!

So then I had the bright thought that hey, my hair is light enough for the lavender dye from Sally's, right? WRONG. All it did was tone it more, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But the bad thing was that I went to Sally's to get more lavender dye and they didn't have any and wouldn't until Tuesday! (Notice the green tint? Not sure how that even happened since I didn't touch anything blue or green)

Different lighting to see green better.

So since Sally's didn't have the lavender dye, I decided that the grey would be nice and bought two of the titanium ion dye's. Yeah, that didn't turn out good at all. It then turned my hair a dull grey WITH green tint! I have no clue where this green came from.


So then I read on the internet that ketchup takes green out, so I lathered my hair up with ketchup and it did take some of the green out but not enough.

So then I took my violet by Punky Colours and my two other purples by Splat and mixed them all up into a bowl and TA DAAAA.

So there we go. I have no clue why my hair went so orange after I bleached it because it usually goes WAY lighter, and especially bleaching it twice. And I have no clue where the green tint came from which is what messed up my hair real bad. So here I am without lavender hair but this purply/blueish violet mix works for me, and hopefully it'll fade nicely and I can put the lavender dye on top from Sally's! This is my hope!
I would LOVE to have white hair like my bangs but that won't happen. My hair is now pretty damaged but not really any more than I expected. I really missed having colourful hair so I don't regret it. It also needs to be cut and styled really badly but that is to come and then it will look way better! Overall I mean I am a bit disappointed though because I put a lot of wasted effort into my hair over the past two days, but what can you do! I have dyed my hair every colour before and it has only gone bad this one time so pretty discouraging but I will continue.

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I just wanted to show you guys what my hair looks like without extensions! Super bluey violet!

My extensions consist of three rows! Plus one tiny extra one which I made from leftover extensions.
I left my very bottom row alone and didn't add any purple to it. It is a double row of black!
My second row is double black and then I added double violet extensions on top, making four layers of extensions.
My third row is double black as well and I also added double violet to that! So yet again, four layers of hair!

The second and third row of extensions are a full head width, and my first one is just the width of my neck basically.

So this is me with ALL that hair in there too! It really isn't that heavy, but it is hot! It looks fabulous though and gives my hair a lot of volume without the damage of teasing!

While I was in Calgary, me and my friend went into a tattoo shop called Heroes and Villians Tattoo's to look at some jewelry they had because we knew they carried Anatometal. When we walked in a guy named Dan asked if we knew anything about piercings and we didn't, so he asked us to follow him and he told us some very interesting information about piercings.

He started with "Do you know what the standards are for jewelry in North America? There is none" which is something I had no clue about. I assumed that people had that under control and that they wouldn't let us put bad things into our bodies, but I was wrong.
I learned that you can buy ten labrets for $0.12 and put those into people's bodies.
I learned that your body attacks these things and that's why piercings reject and get infected.
I learned that you don't have quality jewelry unless it's mirror shiny and you can see yourself in it and it won't ever dull.
I am honestly really disgusted by this, and the fact that piercers don't even let us know what we're putting into our bodies, if they even know.
He told us that if you do go get a piercing you should ask to see their jewelry invoices and see how much they're paying. He showed us his, and they're all around $50.00 not $0.12 like some places.

This is because he uses Anatometal and Industrial Strength jewelry when he pierces people! He uses high quality body jewelry and knows what he is talking about and doing!
I am honestly really happy we walked into his shop that day and learned a bit about piercings. I mean, I won't lie. Up until then I had no clue what I was putting in my body and I loved the fact I could order a whole bunch of labrets for my medusa piercing for under $20.00.  Now, I have thrown all that out and ordered an adorable Anatometal labret which is blurple with a light pink opal in it! It came to $40.00 but it's worth it, you're paying for quality and a happy and healthy piercing!

Since both Anatometal and Industrial Strength only sell as a wholeseller, you can find them at these places!

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Ipsy Official Glam Bag: Aug 2013


Hey guys, so as you may or may not know I am a subscriber to Ipsy! It's honestly the best thing ever, because I have difficulty when it comes to picking new cosmetics to try because what if I don't like it? Well, Ipsy sends me five products every month for about $15 (Shipping to Canada makes it more than to the US)!

I am super happy with my Ipsy bag!
This month we recieved...

  • A cute purple bag that says "Glamour Academy" which was what the bag was called this month
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  • Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin facial mask
  • Pixi Lash Booster Mascara
  • Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the shade 69.
  • Micabeauty eyeshadow in Bronze
I am so excited about this bag because I LOVE Smashbox and wanted to try their primer because I am currently using E.L.F.'s primer and I wanted to see if there was a difference. I don't really find that there is a difference other than Smashbox feels a little bit nicer, but not enough for me to switch since E.L.F. is much cheaper!

I haven't tried the Michael Todd facial mask because I just haven't had time, although I can tell you that it smells exactly like a real pumpkin, which may or may not be appealing to you? For me, it's not so much because I don't like the smell at all, although it's not the worst ahah.

I was super excited when I seen the Pixi mascara because we recently had a Target open up in my town and I saw that brand there and wanted to try it because I had never heard of it before and now I get to try it! It's pretty nice although I don't see much of a difference between my normal Smashbox mascara to this one, but regardless I got to try a new brand that I wouldn't have been able to try!

I've never had the chance to try Urban Decay so it was awesome when they added this! I got the shade 69 and I would absolutely wear it all the time, it's the nicest red, nice and bright but still sexy!

And I love the Micabeauty eyeshadow in Bronze because it has a really nice colour and is super pigmented its just brilliant and reminds me of halloween!

Now! Enjoy some pictures I took using all of these products!

The lovely Urban Decay lipstick in 69!

For this look I used:
  1. Smashbox photo ready primer
  2. Kat Von D Lock it tattoo foundation
  3. Smashbox photo ready powder
  4. Eyeliner and eyebrows are Stila liquid eyeliner
  5. Eyeshadow is Micabeauty eyeshadow in Bronze
  6. and lipstick is Urban Decay in 69!

Closer up!

Enjoy a cute blinking Gif!

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out (here)

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So awhile ago I wrote a blog about how my brand new chi straightener broke (See here) and I had said how I had found someone to fix my straightener! Well turns out that was a gong show because they didn't even try to fix it as far as I know. They had it for a month and had to order the fuse in, which they did, but then they said they couldn't get the straightener open without breaking it, which isn't true, so I was not very impressed with them.

So here I am, looking for a new straightener since I really can't live without one especially since I wear extensions that are straight and my natural hair is wavy!

Basically, don't buy a Chi. I took my chances despite the bad reviews I saw because I had always wanted one since I was younger and I could finally afford one. But just don't do it, because now I have to do my research and find another brand that won't crap out on me!

My friend has a AG Straightener which she has had for 2 years now and it hasn't broken on her yet so I am really interested in those and it still works like the day she got it! But I will be researching which are the best and what not because I failed to do that the first time and now I have to pay for the consequences!
It's such a pity that Chi straightener's breaking is a very common thing, considering they're such a well known brand, you would think they would be ashamed to sell a product that one works for a month. Seriously, google it, there are so many people complaining about this happening! And it sucks because of course where I bought it they only gave you a month warranty and it breaks just after a month, figures!

I went into a salon today to see if they had any AG straighteners, and of course they didn't but she said she could order me one in! She said that she recommended the Rowenta straightener though, and that most of her stylists used it even though it's not a well known brand! She also said that she had Moroccan straighteners coming in, which is a brand I have heard of a lot.

There are so many different brands out there and they all claim to be the very best but I guess all that you can do is read up on reviews, see the negatives and positives, and don't buy a Chi!

Now, I don't want to knock the brand because I really love their hair products and I do use them, but it just seems that every Chi straightener now breaks! Which  is really sad, but I have read that the ones a few years ago lasted years and I feel like that's where they get their good name from but unfortunately that isn't the case anymore!

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Shopping in Calgary!


Hey guys, so while I was in Calgary for the concert (See post here) we went shopping the next day, of course!

My favorite mall is the Chinook Mall because it has a big Sephora which is a fabulous store that sells a whole bunch of higher up makeup brands, so if you've never been I really suggest you go! I love Smashbox, Stila, and Kat Von D! Also Too Faced has adorable containers but I haven't tried that brand yet!

Chinook Mall also has a Urban Outfitters which is fabulous because I love going in there and looking at everything, although they're a bit expensive for my liking so I rarely buy anything from there. Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to go shopping in that mall because my boyfriend was looking at a car after, but once we were done with that we went to the huge Crossiron Mills Mall! That mall is super huge, and all the stores in it are very big too! My favorite it is the giant La Senza and the giant H&M!


H&M is really refreshing because they sell really nice clothes that are good quality and at a decent price, I bought all three shirts for around $25 which is pretty good!
The only thing that I managed to find was two V neck T-shirts and one tank top, both in black of course. I've really been looking for basics lately because I don't have a lot of clothes that I like to wear and I am tired of trying to force myself to like clothes that just aren't me!

So yeah! I unfortunately don't have any photos of me in the tops, I haven't been able to take any good selfies so you will have to settle for the model pictures!

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Hey guys, so I have BADLY neglected my blog, it's just that I lacked inspiration to write anything. But I am back again, I just need to make myself write the blogs, I need to write one about

  • My creeper shoes
  • My life
  • Concert/Calgary
  • My Summer summary
  • My Ipsy bag
  • And lots more!

So this blog will be about the concert I just went to and Calgary!

On the 16th me and my boyfriend went to Calgary with our friend Maxie to the A Day To Remember concert with The Ghost Inside and Pierce The Veil! So we went up there early because it's three hours away from where we live and we had to find Maxie's aunts house/Maxie's soon to be house, and then make our way to the concert!
So we got to the concert way to early, and I had arranged to pick the tickets up at Will Call and I really didn't have any clue how to get the tickets or what to do, so we got there about three hours early because I thought we could just pick up the tickets but turns out we couldn't until doors opened! We all felt so out of place there, considering it was mostly younger "scene" girls because of Pierce the Veil, but they weren't as annoying as I had anticipated with their excited screams when the doors opened!

The Ghost Inside was absolutely amazing, I had listened to them a bit over the year but since we were going to the concert we religiously listened to their new album and learned all the words which I really like to do because it makes a concert so much more funner if you can sing along! They were amazing, just amazing! And when we were standing in line to get our tickets the singer walked right by and no one even noticed, except my boyfriend! Which I find really funny because I thought they were a way bigger band than they actually were, but I definitely see them rising to the top soon!

After The Ghost Inside, it was Pierce the Veil which for lack of a better word just simply sucked. I'm not their biggest fan, but I used to listen to their older music a lot, like Bestitos, Caraphernelia, and similar, and hearing them live was totally disappointing. They missed a lot of lyrics, Vic's voice was terrible, and they didn't do their own songs right. He also pronounced Calgary like Cal-gar-ehhhh, multiple times which was a bit annoying. I honestly feel embarrassed for them because they have SO many fans who look up to them and fangirl over them and I really just think they should have tried harder for them, honestly. I tried to sing along and apparently I knew the songs better than Vic himself.

But then A Day To Remember came on, and wow. They were PHENOMENAL! I know every song lyric for lyric for the most part, and it was the most amazing feeling seeing Jeremy on stage and being able to sing along with him! He did not mess up any parts and after seeing PTV and being that let down they certainly brought me back up! ADTR did a FOUR song encore which is pretty amazing, with two acoustic songs! They had beach balls thrown into the crowd, toilet paper rolls, and at the end confetti! It was the best thing I have ever seen! I was absolutely exhausted after and I can say that I would definitely come see them again!

I'm really thinking about seeing The Ghost Inside again when they're with The Devil Wear's Prada but I will see because I am definitely going to Lamb of God in November!

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E.L.F. Makeup Haul!


Hey guys, so E.L.F. had a sale going on where all their studio stuff was on for 50% so I couldn't pass this up since I love E.L.F.! But, since I live in Canada my total had to be under $20.00 before shipping since if it isn't you get charged with border fee's and all that and it wasn't worth it to pay those! But I still got quite a few things!

I haven't had a chance to try them yet, but I'll list what I got anyways!

Lip Lock Pecil
Eyeshadow Pigment in Naughty Noire
Makeup Mist and Set Spray
Flirty Lash Collection

Contouring and Bronzing Powder
Powder Brush

Stipple Brush

Eye Primer and Liner Seal
Single Eyeshadow in Sand Dollar

All that for under $20.00! Since it was 50% off almost all items were $1.50 which is an amazing price, it almost seems unreal for pretty good makeup! 

I also found out that you can get E.L.F. products at Winners which was super exciting to me because then you can actually see the products you're getting, but they're at a higher price of $4-7+ dollars but depending on what you're buying that can make up for the ridiculous price of shipping to Canada!

Once I actually get time to try them, I may make a video, even though I'm really nervous about it but it's something I really want to do! I did have a few before but I deleted those aha, woops. Anyways! But if you read my blog you'll see it and if you follow me on any of my other social network sites you will find out there too!

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