Top Five Alternative Fashion Must Haves!


Hey guys, so I was thinking there's always the top ten fashion must haves but what about us more alternative girls!

These are the top five alternative fashion must haves, at least for me!

1. Creepers! I am in love with these shoes, whether they're single, double, triple, or wedge sole they're absolutely adorable and a must have! You can find them at Underground, T.U.K., eBay, ASOS, Urban Outfitters (Although it appears they have none in stock but you can find them in store), HotTopic, Demonia and many other websites! Which are the best brands? That is up to you to decide although I've heard that Underground have the best quality, although that does come with a price!

2. Nylons! Everyone needs a pair of cute nylons to go with their outfits whether they're ripped, fishnet or have patterns on them. They're also especially cute when you layer them on top of each other. You can find them all over the internet but a few of my favorite places are Black Milk Clothing, ASOS, and Romwe!

3. Striped Purse! Recently I've been in love with black and white striped purses, and I haven't gotten my hands on one yet but I do plan to! Black and white go with anything and will add a beetle juice feel to any outfit you wear with it! My favorite one is from ASOS so far, but I also love this one from Karmaloop and eBay has a lot of cute ones too!

4. Skeleton Hair Clips! They are a must, I just bought some which will be available in my shop sometime next month so look for that! I've already made a blog about where to find them, but just for a refresh, you can find them at Kreepsville, which is my favorite, But you can also find them on Etsy from various sellers in so many different colours!

5. Last but not least garters! They are super in right now! So many people are wearing them which means so many more people are making them and adding their own flare to them! My favorite seller would be Noctex, you can find her stuff here and here! I also adore Dark Moon Cult's! Especially the Heart Throb ones!

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