The Maxi Dress!


Hey guys, so I was thinking what should I make a blog post about? And I thought well let's make one about the maxi dress!

So, I won't lie. I am NOT a fan of them, or should I say wasn't until recently.
I just didn't like them, they were shapeless, bland, they were just down right ugly as far as I was concerned, BUT like I said not anymore. I've really started to like them, in black of course though. There's something about a all black maxi dress and a huge black sun hat that just looks delicious. And perhaps my new found love for them comes from the fact I keep seeing them in black and now that I think of it even Lydia wore one in Beetle Juice with a big black sun hat, and didn't she look fabulous?

See? She totally did. And why I didn't realize how fabulous maxi dresses were before I have no clue, considering I used to obsessively wear a black maxi skirt almost every day to school in grade 6 (Yup, I used to be that weird kid, no shame though! Hmmm I wonder where that went..) Anyways, so here's a few that I think are just divine!
From BooHoo

From Revolve Clothing
From Forever 21

So maybe I don't have as much love for the other maxi dresses in different colours but I do love them in black! And don't forget! If you don't feel like wearing the dress as a dress, with some like the bandeau maxi dresses you can pull them down and wear them as a skirt! And vice versa, that cute maxi skirt you have? Pull it up and now you have a maxi dress!

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