People Who Inspire Me!


I've been thinking about this lately, because I always struggle to look how I want to look and not how other people think I should or how I feel I should look for whatever reasons. I always end up coming back to the same thing, which is how I want to look. Occasionally I do feel down and feel like I will be made fun of for how I dress or what I choose to look like, but these people constantly inspire me to be myself and not care what other people think of me!

These are not in order, they're all equally inspirational!

So, Angelica (Murderotic) inspires me because she is uncomfortable with her breast size and is getting a reduction despite people telling her that she shouldn't and all that, I struggle with my breast size too and she helps me realize that it's okay to do whatever you have to to make yourself comfortable with your own body, she's absolutely beautiful and I adore her style! She works for MAC which is something I potentially would love to do one day! Angelica has been struggling with some issues lately so she has been less active which makes me sad because her blogspot was my absolute favorite, so if you read this I hope you recover soon best of luck!

Tanya Townley is someone I've been inspired by for awhile, we talked a bit on tumblr and she gave me information about having an online shop and she was so nice, I'm really sad to see that she is inactive on all her accounts, that I can find anyways, because I really liked her blog. She inspires me to have pink hair and want to model although I haven't gotten that far yet! Maybe one day she'll be active again!

Felice Fawn, well she is very inspirational to me. She's constantly getting hate for basically anything people can think of and yet she still is so strong. She struggles with an eating disorder and is recovering right now and personally I am so proud of her because I've followed her on tumblr and twitter for a few years and that's such a big thing, she should be proud of herself and happy that she is inspiring many other people to recover too! (I would write more but I will be making a separate blog talking more about her in the near future!)

Amy (Shrinkle) is absolutely stunning and she's so adorable. She is so colourful and has amazing makeup skills. She inspires me because although I don't dress similar to that anymore if I had known about her when I was younger I would have been more confident in myself and wouldn't of let the comments people made get to me so much! She also inspires me to do different makeup styles and use colours and not just stick to the same old boring "safe" makeup I usually choose!

ALB is inspirational because she doesn't let her illness stop her from doing what she loves to do, just like I'm not. Her pink hair is so beautiful and helped inspire me to dye mine pink again. I love reading her blog and twitter (espeically right now because she is on an adventure to America) and because she always has great answers and is a great artist!

Negin (Noctex) is very inspirational because she runs her own clothing store which is something I'd love to do. She was so lovely and when I messaged her asking her some questions she replied and gave me so much information which was so helpful! I am not at the point where I have my own store yet but she did inspire me to open my storeenvy! Her style is so amazing and she's not afraid to be herself!

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  1. You are beautiful, Love.
    No worries! Fashion on
    You will be fine♡
    ~kiss kiss