Limited Edition Pink Crinkle Chi Straightener: It broke!


Hey guys, so the Chi straightener I blogged about awhile ago (see here) broke about a week before I went on vacation! And apparently this is a common thing with the Chi's which I did not know about!
So since it broke I've been without a straightener, which is okay for now, but I knew I'd need one when I got back from vacation. So I had been looking at my options which was 1) Find someone to fix it, 2) Buy a new straightener 3) Go without one. I finally found someone who could fix it for me after searching and searching! I googled "Who can fix a straightener" and it said an electrician shop so I searched that in my city and it came up with the shop here that fixes cell phones, so I thought hey I am going to message them and ask and it turns out they could! So I am super happy about that and hopefully it will be fixed and won't break again!

So my pretty straightener will work again when I get back at the end of the month!

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