How to Stay Pale in the Summer and Protect Your Skin!


Hey guys, so since it's summer I really should make more posts related to that! So I thought, what's one of the most important things about summer? Protecting your skin! Even if you don't want to stay pale and would like to tan you should still protect it! So here's a blog about some great sunblocks and what you can do to stay pale!

So first of all, sunblock! No, not sunscreen, Sunblock. There is a difference! Sunscreen is just a screen that lets some UV rays in and sunblock blocks all UV rays! You also want a sunblock that says broad spectrum on it, which means it blocks UVA and UVB rays which is very important. But after searching the internet, not a lot of people have sunblock and just sunscreen, like Hawaiian Tropic, but they do have an SPF 85! Now, some people debate whether sunblock/sunscreen actually does stop you from tanning and whether or not the higher the SPF is the better. Personally, I think it does matter because UV rays are what make you tan, so by blocking them you're not tanning, right? So some good brands are Hawaiian Tropic, Neutragena, and apparently California Baby, although they're rather pricey!

Another way to stay pale, or become pale is a chemical peel, although if done too often it can damage your skin but I think that's obvious. But there are also home remedies that won't hurt your skin and are natural! Apparently having a bath in milk and lemon will help remove your tan as well as soften your skin. Fill a warm bath up and add one cup of 2% (or more) milk into the bath with a few teaspoons of honey and a few drops of lemon juice!

 You can also use masks, because exfoliating your skin will help get rid of your tan! It seems that milk is a main ingredient in all the home remedies I could find! One of the recipes is mixing three parts flour and two parts milk, evenly spread that on yourself. You can also add lemon or replace the milk with plain yogurt!

You can also bathe in lukewarm water and sprinkle an ounce of baking soda into the bath. Apparently you're not supposed to do this more than once a month and you're supposed to shower after to make sure all of the bath water is off of you!

And last but not least, just stay out of the sun! Although getting no sun is bad for you because it contains vitamin D which your body needs! Sunblock/screen will not prevent your body from getting vitamin D. I personally haven't ever tried any of these methods but I may soon since I'm not too fond of my uneven tan from being in Cape Breton this summer! 

If you've tried any of these methods or do, feel free to comment and tell me if they worked!

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