Hello Kitty 5 Brush Set from Sephora


Hey guys, so during my vacation when we stopped in Ottawa we went to a Sephora there and I had seen this brush set every time I went there and wanted it so bad and I finally convinced myself to get it!

It's super cute, it comes with 5 travel sized brushes, which means that the handles are shorter than usual, they are pink and say "Hello Kitty" on them and then what the brushes are for near the bottom and the brushes themselves are white with pink tips! They're amazingly soft, and I haven't had much chance to use them yet but I'm hoping they're going to be pretty good. Obviously not amazing, but since they were originally $50 I'm hoping they're good even though you're basically paying for the name, which I don't mind because I am a Hello Kitty fanatic, I have so much stuff it's pretty crazy!
The container is a silver Hello Kitty and the head doesn't screw on it just sits on top for easy access but that just means you have to be more careful picking it up so the head doesn't fall off.

So yeah, if you love Hello Kitty I would suggest buying these or if you're looking for something cute to sit on your vanity this is it! Like I said the brushes are super soft and cute and the container is absolutely adorable and since it's on sale now at Sephora it's about $35 which is a little pricey but it's because of the name, but in my opinion totally worth it!

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  1. Very cute brush set. :)
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