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Hey guys, so I know it isn't exactly THAT close to Halloween but it is only threeish months away so I thought that might as well write a blog about it now. One of my favorite time of the year is Halloween and what I like most about it is the day after, CLEARANCE DAY! The day when everything that the stores were selling for Halloween drop in price and are no more than a few dollars at most! Last Halloween I purchased eyeball lights, spider lights, skeleton hand lights, and little orange lights, all for no more than $15, when normally a box goes for around $15.

So anyways! I'm gonna show you guys some of my favorite Halloween inspired accessories and where you can get them online!

So first of all, the skeleton hand clips! I own a pair of hot pink ones that I purchased from Kreepsville! Kreepsville is one of the best places in my opinion to get things that are cute and creepy! Seriously, check them out. They have everything from skeleton hand clips to socks!

But if Kreepsville is a little expensive for you, you can also find the clips on Etsy

Another SUPER cute thing is the leggings/nylons you can get! Blackmilk has some extremely cute leggings with skeleton bones on them! You can't purchase them on the website because they've been put into the museum but you can find them on eBay or on Facebook groups like Black Milk Clothing Swap, Sell and Buy! You can also find other ones on Etsy of course, which are much cheaper too.

One last thing is Halloween rings and bracelets! They're super cute, and in my opinion can go with almost any outfit! And yet again you can find them on Etsy (Rings, Bracelets) and there's a whole bunch of different kinds and styles! 


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