Eye Make Up!


Hey guys, so there are many different kinds of ways to do your eye make up, which I am sure we all know. 
My favorite, and the one I do every single day is the simple cat eyeliner, everyday! And I'm kind of getting bored with it! The same thing every day will do that to you! 

We've got the simple cat eyeliner.

So I've wanted to broaden my eye make up horizons and try different styles of doing it. The smokey eye is a classic, and yet something I've never tried to do before! Why? I'm not sure, maybe I thought that it was too difficult. Who knows!

The smokey eye.

And then there's the beautiful cut crease, which I very much want to try, it seems that it's recently become very popular and for good reason, it looks stunning!

The cut crease.

This is just a short blog today, but I've been very interested in make up and actually trying new things, however I can't until I get back from vacation in 9 days because I left the majority of my make up at home! So except at least a few blogs about eye make up and tutorials and maybe even some tutorials by me!

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  1. The cat eye is my go-to! So timeless, I can't get enough!

    xo, Megan
    indie flower