Black Milk Leggings: Blood Splatter


Hey guys, so this post is SUPER late because I've been neglecting this blog, also because I am on vacation.
So I bought a pair of leggings at the museum sale and I managed to snag my favorite pair! I was so excited, when the site reopened for the sale you literally had 1 minute to get your favorite pair of leggings (if they were super rare) and I managed to! Best two seconds of my life!

But yes! They're even more fabulous than I imagined because they're super shiny which is awesome, and they fit better than any of my other XS leggings do! So basically they were meant to be as far as i'm concerned! Sadly I haven't even gotten to wear them once because I went on vacation and couldn't risk bringing them here in case they got ruined!

So here's some pictures of them!

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