Bathing Suit's in Summer?!


Yes! Imagine that! Because sometimes we do like to tan or swim!

Since it is the summer I thought I really should make a blog about some awesome swimsuits so that you guys can look fabulous at the beach too!

We'll start off with a store called SugarDoll, I LOVE her swimsuits! They're vintage pin up girl inspired swim suits, she sells them in two piece so you can mix and match and there are some one pieces! Like honestly I can't even choose my favorite because I just honestly adore them all so much, it's crazy. I recently read that she is selling them in Lethbridge, Alberta which is an hour and a half away from where I live so I really might have to go up there and buy one so I can try it on at least! ( This would be my dream swimsuit though! Light pink AND beetle juice?! TO DIE FOR!) Top is Jailhouse Rock and bottoms are Bon Voyage!


Next up we have Victoria's Secret, my second favorite place to buy bathing suits! Why? Because they have bathing suits that add 2 cups. Which is a great thing for someone like me who struggles with small breasts and dislikes them! (As well as I normally wear a bra that is 2 cups up so a bathing suit that could make me look the same is amazing! No I am not afraid to admit this!) I've had my eye on this one for a long time now! But the only thing stopping me is the ridiculous price for shipping it across the border to Canada, I really wish VS would fix that because paying an extra $50 ontop of shipping AND then cost of the already expensive bathing suit is just too ridiculous for me to give in to, sadly. The top and the bottom!

(Except in black!)

Then there's Black Milk Clothing! I am a huge fan of Black Milk and their nylony goodness so I of course had to add them in here! They're constantly adding new things to their website which also means they have to get rid of old stuff! In with the new and out with the old! So if you see a bathing suit you like, you normally have to act fast and buy it fairly quickly! Here's a link to their current bathing suits! LINK!

Last but not least, we have DollsKill! They have some pretty awesome and intricate bathing suits! It seems the website runs a bit on the pricey side, but people will pay to look fabulous! I'm really in love with their pentagram suit because well lets face it I love pentagrams! But would I wear this? I don't know, it's a little crazy! I would model it however!

So there you guys go! My favorite places to buy swimsuits, check out all the websites because they all have so much more to offer than just what I've shown you!

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