My first Ipsy glam bag: July 2013


Hey guys, so I signed up for Ipsy about a month ago and received my first glam bag in the middle of the month, but I was on vacation so I didn't get to see it until now!

The bag that the items come in is a super cute see through pink bag, and the packaging that it came in was a hot pink shiny envelope!

I must say, I'm pretty impressed! I absolutely love the Pop Pouty Pop Crayon in Fuchsia Flirt and it matches my skin tone perfectly! It lasts such a long time and it's very nice to wear, you don't even notice it on!

I also received the nail polish Nailtini in Mai Tai, it's super great nail polish and doesn't chip easily. I always have the problem of doing my nails and then the next day I shower and it all chips off and this has lasted three days now! It's also a beautiful orange, and I'm not much of a colour person but I really don't mind it since it's such a nice colour.

The Coola mineral sunscreen which is also a tinted moisturizer with an SPF 20! I really like tinted moisturizer's because they give you so much protection and they even out your skin which is super lovely. It smells nice and light and fresh!

The Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray I haven't gotten to use yet, but from what I've seen it makes your hair really nice and like you actually went swimming in salt water! It has argan oil and conditions and textures your hair! I will have to use this sometime soon, it smells super good though!

I really love the California Collection by BhCosmetics, Hollywood is my favorite because it's a beautiful purple colour, I'm not much of a fan of Malibu since I really hate the colour yellow or anything similar to yellow, but San Francisco is a nice brown colour that's very neutral!

So remember! If you wanna sign up for Ipsy you can use this link and it'll help me out when you sign up!

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*No photo credit goes to me

Hey guys, so since it's summer I really should make more posts related to that! So I thought, what's one of the most important things about summer? Protecting your skin! Even if you don't want to stay pale and would like to tan you should still protect it! So here's a blog about some great sunblocks and what you can do to stay pale!

So first of all, sunblock! No, not sunscreen, Sunblock. There is a difference! Sunscreen is just a screen that lets some UV rays in and sunblock blocks all UV rays! You also want a sunblock that says broad spectrum on it, which means it blocks UVA and UVB rays which is very important. But after searching the internet, not a lot of people have sunblock and just sunscreen, like Hawaiian Tropic, but they do have an SPF 85! Now, some people debate whether sunblock/sunscreen actually does stop you from tanning and whether or not the higher the SPF is the better. Personally, I think it does matter because UV rays are what make you tan, so by blocking them you're not tanning, right? So some good brands are Hawaiian Tropic, Neutragena, and apparently California Baby, although they're rather pricey!

Another way to stay pale, or become pale is a chemical peel, although if done too often it can damage your skin but I think that's obvious. But there are also home remedies that won't hurt your skin and are natural! Apparently having a bath in milk and lemon will help remove your tan as well as soften your skin. Fill a warm bath up and add one cup of 2% (or more) milk into the bath with a few teaspoons of honey and a few drops of lemon juice!

 You can also use masks, because exfoliating your skin will help get rid of your tan! It seems that milk is a main ingredient in all the home remedies I could find! One of the recipes is mixing three parts flour and two parts milk, evenly spread that on yourself. You can also add lemon or replace the milk with plain yogurt!

You can also bathe in lukewarm water and sprinkle an ounce of baking soda into the bath. Apparently you're not supposed to do this more than once a month and you're supposed to shower after to make sure all of the bath water is off of you!

And last but not least, just stay out of the sun! Although getting no sun is bad for you because it contains vitamin D which your body needs! Sunblock/screen will not prevent your body from getting vitamin D. I personally haven't ever tried any of these methods but I may soon since I'm not too fond of my uneven tan from being in Cape Breton this summer! 

If you've tried any of these methods or do, feel free to comment and tell me if they worked!

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People Who Inspire Me!


I've been thinking about this lately, because I always struggle to look how I want to look and not how other people think I should or how I feel I should look for whatever reasons. I always end up coming back to the same thing, which is how I want to look. Occasionally I do feel down and feel like I will be made fun of for how I dress or what I choose to look like, but these people constantly inspire me to be myself and not care what other people think of me!

These are not in order, they're all equally inspirational!

So, Angelica (Murderotic) inspires me because she is uncomfortable with her breast size and is getting a reduction despite people telling her that she shouldn't and all that, I struggle with my breast size too and she helps me realize that it's okay to do whatever you have to to make yourself comfortable with your own body, she's absolutely beautiful and I adore her style! She works for MAC which is something I potentially would love to do one day! Angelica has been struggling with some issues lately so she has been less active which makes me sad because her blogspot was my absolute favorite, so if you read this I hope you recover soon best of luck!

Tanya Townley is someone I've been inspired by for awhile, we talked a bit on tumblr and she gave me information about having an online shop and she was so nice, I'm really sad to see that she is inactive on all her accounts, that I can find anyways, because I really liked her blog. She inspires me to have pink hair and want to model although I haven't gotten that far yet! Maybe one day she'll be active again!

Felice Fawn, well she is very inspirational to me. She's constantly getting hate for basically anything people can think of and yet she still is so strong. She struggles with an eating disorder and is recovering right now and personally I am so proud of her because I've followed her on tumblr and twitter for a few years and that's such a big thing, she should be proud of herself and happy that she is inspiring many other people to recover too! (I would write more but I will be making a separate blog talking more about her in the near future!)

Amy (Shrinkle) is absolutely stunning and she's so adorable. She is so colourful and has amazing makeup skills. She inspires me because although I don't dress similar to that anymore if I had known about her when I was younger I would have been more confident in myself and wouldn't of let the comments people made get to me so much! She also inspires me to do different makeup styles and use colours and not just stick to the same old boring "safe" makeup I usually choose!

ALB is inspirational because she doesn't let her illness stop her from doing what she loves to do, just like I'm not. Her pink hair is so beautiful and helped inspire me to dye mine pink again. I love reading her blog and twitter (espeically right now because she is on an adventure to America) and because she always has great answers and is a great artist!

Negin (Noctex) is very inspirational because she runs her own clothing store which is something I'd love to do. She was so lovely and when I messaged her asking her some questions she replied and gave me so much information which was so helpful! I am not at the point where I have my own store yet but she did inspire me to open my storeenvy! Her style is so amazing and she's not afraid to be herself!

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Bathing Suit's in Summer?!


Yes! Imagine that! Because sometimes we do like to tan or swim!

Since it is the summer I thought I really should make a blog about some awesome swimsuits so that you guys can look fabulous at the beach too!

We'll start off with a store called SugarDoll, I LOVE her swimsuits! They're vintage pin up girl inspired swim suits, she sells them in two piece so you can mix and match and there are some one pieces! Like honestly I can't even choose my favorite because I just honestly adore them all so much, it's crazy. I recently read that she is selling them in Lethbridge, Alberta which is an hour and a half away from where I live so I really might have to go up there and buy one so I can try it on at least! ( This would be my dream swimsuit though! Light pink AND beetle juice?! TO DIE FOR!) Top is Jailhouse Rock and bottoms are Bon Voyage!


Next up we have Victoria's Secret, my second favorite place to buy bathing suits! Why? Because they have bathing suits that add 2 cups. Which is a great thing for someone like me who struggles with small breasts and dislikes them! (As well as I normally wear a bra that is 2 cups up so a bathing suit that could make me look the same is amazing! No I am not afraid to admit this!) I've had my eye on this one for a long time now! But the only thing stopping me is the ridiculous price for shipping it across the border to Canada, I really wish VS would fix that because paying an extra $50 ontop of shipping AND then cost of the already expensive bathing suit is just too ridiculous for me to give in to, sadly. The top and the bottom!

(Except in black!)

Then there's Black Milk Clothing! I am a huge fan of Black Milk and their nylony goodness so I of course had to add them in here! They're constantly adding new things to their website which also means they have to get rid of old stuff! In with the new and out with the old! So if you see a bathing suit you like, you normally have to act fast and buy it fairly quickly! Here's a link to their current bathing suits! LINK!

Last but not least, we have DollsKill! They have some pretty awesome and intricate bathing suits! It seems the website runs a bit on the pricey side, but people will pay to look fabulous! I'm really in love with their pentagram suit because well lets face it I love pentagrams! But would I wear this? I don't know, it's a little crazy! I would model it however!

So there you guys go! My favorite places to buy swimsuits, check out all the websites because they all have so much more to offer than just what I've shown you!

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Eye Make Up!


Hey guys, so there are many different kinds of ways to do your eye make up, which I am sure we all know. 
My favorite, and the one I do every single day is the simple cat eyeliner, everyday! And I'm kind of getting bored with it! The same thing every day will do that to you! 

We've got the simple cat eyeliner.

So I've wanted to broaden my eye make up horizons and try different styles of doing it. The smokey eye is a classic, and yet something I've never tried to do before! Why? I'm not sure, maybe I thought that it was too difficult. Who knows!

The smokey eye.

And then there's the beautiful cut crease, which I very much want to try, it seems that it's recently become very popular and for good reason, it looks stunning!

The cut crease.

This is just a short blog today, but I've been very interested in make up and actually trying new things, however I can't until I get back from vacation in 9 days because I left the majority of my make up at home! So except at least a few blogs about eye make up and tutorials and maybe even some tutorials by me!

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The Maxi Dress!


Hey guys, so I was thinking what should I make a blog post about? And I thought well let's make one about the maxi dress!

So, I won't lie. I am NOT a fan of them, or should I say wasn't until recently.
I just didn't like them, they were shapeless, bland, they were just down right ugly as far as I was concerned, BUT like I said not anymore. I've really started to like them, in black of course though. There's something about a all black maxi dress and a huge black sun hat that just looks delicious. And perhaps my new found love for them comes from the fact I keep seeing them in black and now that I think of it even Lydia wore one in Beetle Juice with a big black sun hat, and didn't she look fabulous?

See? She totally did. And why I didn't realize how fabulous maxi dresses were before I have no clue, considering I used to obsessively wear a black maxi skirt almost every day to school in grade 6 (Yup, I used to be that weird kid, no shame though! Hmmm I wonder where that went..) Anyways, so here's a few that I think are just divine!
From BooHoo

From Revolve Clothing
From Forever 21

So maybe I don't have as much love for the other maxi dresses in different colours but I do love them in black! And don't forget! If you don't feel like wearing the dress as a dress, with some like the bandeau maxi dresses you can pull them down and wear them as a skirt! And vice versa, that cute maxi skirt you have? Pull it up and now you have a maxi dress!

Six Favorite Daniel Footwear


Hey guys! So I saw a contest on EtailPR (Click here for contest!) where you pick your favorite shoes from Daniel Footwear and you have to make a college style wish list of the ones that you chose! Once you're done making your blog, you email EtailPR (All information about contest here!) and link them to your blog!
*Optional - You can also make a Pinterest account and link them to that as well for an extra entry!
My Pinterest board here!

Six Favorite Daniel Footwear

These are the shoes I chose! 
1) Daniel Black Dangerous Women’s Studded Platform Sandal - These would be amazing for a night out, formal but the spikes add a bit of flare!

2) Daniel Black Suede LEADER Womens Court Shoe - I love heels and suede so these shoes are perfect for any outfit, they're simple and black! 

3) Ash COOLBIS Black Suede Womens Wedge Trainer - I have never been that much of a fan of trainers but these are pretty cute, and like I say, everything looks better in black and I could see myself rockin these!

4) Vivienne Westwood Blue Ladydragon Heart Womens Peep Toe Shoe - Although I don't know what I would ever wear these with they're adorable and I have to have them. They remind me of cinderella's glass slippers with adorable hearts on them!

5) Daniel Pink Cartina Women’s Patent Boot - Who doesn't love a pair of pink boots?! Enough said right there!

6) Daniel Black Stud Bootie Women’s Platform Boot - I LOVE these shoes, they're so cute, the spikes on the back remind me of Jeffery Campbell who I am very much a fan of and these are at a very affordable price!

Top Five Alternative Fashion Must Haves!

Hey guys, so I was thinking there's always the top ten fashion must haves but what about us more alternative girls!

These are the top five alternative fashion must haves, at least for me!

1. Creepers! I am in love with these shoes, whether they're single, double, triple, or wedge sole they're absolutely adorable and a must have! You can find them at Underground, T.U.K., eBay, ASOS, Urban Outfitters (Although it appears they have none in stock but you can find them in store), HotTopic, Demonia and many other websites! Which are the best brands? That is up to you to decide although I've heard that Underground have the best quality, although that does come with a price!

2. Nylons! Everyone needs a pair of cute nylons to go with their outfits whether they're ripped, fishnet or have patterns on them. They're also especially cute when you layer them on top of each other. You can find them all over the internet but a few of my favorite places are Black Milk Clothing, ASOS, and Romwe!

3. Striped Purse! Recently I've been in love with black and white striped purses, and I haven't gotten my hands on one yet but I do plan to! Black and white go with anything and will add a beetle juice feel to any outfit you wear with it! My favorite one is from ASOS so far, but I also love this one from Karmaloop and eBay has a lot of cute ones too!

4. Skeleton Hair Clips! They are a must, I just bought some which will be available in my shop sometime next month so look for that! I've already made a blog about where to find them, but just for a refresh, you can find them at Kreepsville, which is my favorite, But you can also find them on Etsy from various sellers in so many different colours!

5. Last but not least garters! They are super in right now! So many people are wearing them which means so many more people are making them and adding their own flare to them! My favorite seller would be Noctex, you can find her stuff here and here! I also adore Dark Moon Cult's! Especially the Heart Throb ones!

What social media sites can you find me on?!


Hey guys, so I wanted to make a post about which social media sites I'm on and link you to them!

So we have Instagram (VampireCouture)! That's where I'll be posting pictures of things I like as well as posting when blog posts are up!

Tumblr (Kittendoll)! That is my personal blog where I obviously blog things I like and things that inspire me!

BlogLovin (VampireCouture)! Blogs that I make on here also go to that website!

Glipho (VampireCouture)! Blogs that I make on here go on there too!

Twitter (VampireCouture)! My blogs from here go there as well, so do my instagram posts! I'll be tweeting about fashion and make up!

Alright, I hope I'm not forgetting anything and I don't think I am! I just wanted to make this quick post to let you guys know where you can find me on the internet!

Halloween Inspired Accessories


Hey guys, so I know it isn't exactly THAT close to Halloween but it is only threeish months away so I thought that might as well write a blog about it now. One of my favorite time of the year is Halloween and what I like most about it is the day after, CLEARANCE DAY! The day when everything that the stores were selling for Halloween drop in price and are no more than a few dollars at most! Last Halloween I purchased eyeball lights, spider lights, skeleton hand lights, and little orange lights, all for no more than $15, when normally a box goes for around $15.

So anyways! I'm gonna show you guys some of my favorite Halloween inspired accessories and where you can get them online!

So first of all, the skeleton hand clips! I own a pair of hot pink ones that I purchased from Kreepsville! Kreepsville is one of the best places in my opinion to get things that are cute and creepy! Seriously, check them out. They have everything from skeleton hand clips to socks!

But if Kreepsville is a little expensive for you, you can also find the clips on Etsy

Another SUPER cute thing is the leggings/nylons you can get! Blackmilk has some extremely cute leggings with skeleton bones on them! You can't purchase them on the website because they've been put into the museum but you can find them on eBay or on Facebook groups like Black Milk Clothing Swap, Sell and Buy! You can also find other ones on Etsy of course, which are much cheaper too.

One last thing is Halloween rings and bracelets! They're super cute, and in my opinion can go with almost any outfit! And yet again you can find them on Etsy (Rings, Bracelets) and there's a whole bunch of different kinds and styles! 


Chanel Top Coat Velvet

For awhile I've been looking for a matte top coat because it just looks fabulous and I know there are other brands out there but I saw this one and something about it just screams BUY ME. Everything about it looks elegant and fabulous. The all black bottle with beautiful white writing on it. But is it worth the price? Reviews tell me that yes, in fact it is!
With a quick google search, I find two sites that did sell it before it sold out (Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus) so it appears that the only place you can buy it is eBay and Amazon. Of course since it's limited edition and sold out on those websites the price on eBay and Amazon are jacked up a bit compared to the $27.27 on Neiman Marcus. Will I buy it though? I don't know, that's a tough one because as much as I want it, it's a bit ridiculous for a nail polish top coat, but can I resist the urge to buy something so beautiful!

Hey guys, so the Chi straightener I blogged about awhile ago (see here) broke about a week before I went on vacation! And apparently this is a common thing with the Chi's which I did not know about!
So since it broke I've been without a straightener, which is okay for now, but I knew I'd need one when I got back from vacation. So I had been looking at my options which was 1) Find someone to fix it, 2) Buy a new straightener 3) Go without one. I finally found someone who could fix it for me after searching and searching! I googled "Who can fix a straightener" and it said an electrician shop so I searched that in my city and it came up with the shop here that fixes cell phones, so I thought hey I am going to message them and ask and it turns out they could! So I am super happy about that and hopefully it will be fixed and won't break again!

So my pretty straightener will work again when I get back at the end of the month!